Driving platform drivers only accept private orders before the festival: 10 kilometers, the asking price is 200 yuan

Private orders before the driving festival: 100 yuan for 3 kilometers!

■ The driver squatted at the door of the hotel and raised the price privately ■ Driving platform: In case of disputes or accidents, it has nothing to do with the platform

Morning News reporters, Wu Linhua, Zhang Shuo, Shen Yang

With the Spring Festival approaching and the number of parties increasing, chauffeurs have become the choice of many people. But recently, more and more citizens have found that chauffeurs are becoming more and more difficult to call. On major chauffeur service software, it is difficult to find chauffeurs to take orders even if they add money. But when these chauffeur service software shows that "there are no free drivers nearby", the chauffeurs squatting at the gates of major hotels gather to chat and wait for business.

It turned out that,Many chauffeurs have not taken orders through the platform recently, but have directly negotiated business with employers at the entrance of the hotel, and the asking price is also hot: 150 yuan for 5 kilometers and 200 yuan for 10 kilometers.

Owners are worried that, compared to the price of the lion’s mouth, these drivers bypass the platform to take orders privately, in case of a traffic accident, what should we do?

[Public feedback]

"Black driving" mode: The driver only accepts private orders.

"It’s clearly only 5 kilometers away, and the driver wants 150 yuan when he opens his mouth, which is too scary." Last Tuesday, Wang Jun (a pseudonym) had a party with friends, and it was nearly 10 pm after three rounds of drinking. Walking out of the hotel, Wang Jun called several driver companies as usual, and the reply was "Sorry, there is no free driver now". Wang Jun opened the driver software on his mobile phone again, either showing "There are no free drivers nearby", or no one took the order after waiting for nearly 10 minutes.

At this time, three or four chauffeurs who had been waiting at the door of the hotel enthusiastically walked towards Wang Jun, but the price they offered was not so enthusiastic: from Changshu Road on Yan’an Road to Caojiadu, less than 5 kilometers, they asked for 150 yuan, and it was a one-off price. In desperation, the slightly drunk Wang Jun had to pay 150 yuan to one of the chauffeurs.

With the Spring Festival approaching, many car owners have encountered the above situation. It turns out that recently, many chauffeurs have stopped turning on the machine to take orders, just waiting at the door of the hotel to take private orders. "The asking price is one or two hundred yuan for the journey closer, and three or four hundred yuan for the farther one. They don’t have to share with the company, so they can earn more." However, what worries Wang Jun is that these chauffeurs take orders privately, isn’t it a return to the mode of "black chauffeur"?

[Reporter visit]

Within 10 kilometers of Hongqiao Road, starting at 200 yuan

At 9:30 p.m. on the 22nd, the morning news reporter arrived at Jingcai Xuan on Hongqiao Road, and many chauffeurs riding electric scooters gathered together in twos and threes at the entrance of the hotel to wait for customers.

"There is no need to swipe, it is difficult to find a chauffeur on the platform now." A chauffeur on an electric scooter kept reminding a man who had just come out of the restaurant. The man swiped the chauffeur app on his mobile phone for three or four minutes, and found that no driver had taken the order. Finally, he stopped: "200 yuan is 200 yuan." Then, the chauffeur drove away with the man.

So, what is the difference between the platform price and the actual price of the driver’s private order?

Reporters use a driving platform APP to place an order. The route is from Jingcai Xuan to Xinzhuang Metro Station South Square, about 12 kilometers away. The driving platform shows 99 yuan, which is still the price after 1.3 times the price has been adjusted due to strong demand.

But the news sank into the sea, and the reporter waited for nearly 10 minutes without receiving any response. The driver software showed that there were no free drivers around, but there were four drivers who had been chatting in front of the reporter.

"Now the starting price within 10 kilometers is 200 yuan, and the price is negotiated directly. There is no need for a platform. If it exceeds 10 kilometers, you will add money." A driver wearing leather pants and a cotton hat rubbed his hands and told reporters that it costs 200 yuan to go to Xinzhuang.

The driver said that the price increase started three or four days ago. Most of the drivers have returned to their hometowns for the Chinese New Year, and some are unwilling to come out to do business because of the cold weather at night recently. There are fewer people and more business, so the fee has also gone up.

The Yellow River Road is 5 kilometers away, and the asking price is 150 yuan.

Because it is located in the city center and has many restaurants, Huanghe Road has always been the first choice for many citizens to gather for dinner. At 9 pm on the 22nd, most dinners were coming to an end, and more drivers gathered near Huanghe Road near Beijing West Road. But when the reporter opened a driving platform APP, the mobile phone screen showed "There are no free drivers nearby".

Before 22 o’clock, according to the official standard of a certain driving platform, the fee should be 39 yuan for about 5 kilometers from Huanghe Road to Sun Yueguang near Dapu Bridge. But when the reporter asked a driver who was unwilling to take orders on the APP, he opened his mouth and asked for 150 yuan. "Just from Huanghe Road to Wanrong Road, Yanchang Road, I asked someone for 200 yuan."

Coincidentally, in a parking lot near the Yellow River Road, a chauffeur was preparing to drive home for the owner. The reporter stepped forward to ask, and the chauffeur admitted that he had received a private order, and "advised" the reporter that if he wanted to find a chauffeur, no one would accept the order on the APP now, "just look for it on the side of the Yellow River Road."

When asked about the price of receiving the order, the driver did not reply, but the owner replied: "100 yuan for a 3-kilometer road, can you afford it?"

[Dialogue with the driver]

The price of private pick-up is more than twice that of the platform.

For the driver Lin Feng (pseudonym), after 8 o’clock every night, the driver’s work has just begun, and from 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock in the evening is the peak period for the driver’s order. He also took orders after 3 o’clock in the morning at the latest.

Lin Feng also confessed to reporters that in addition to being a driver on a certain driving platform, he is also a driver on two other platforms, one person doing three, and there are not a few drivers like him who work part-time on different platforms.

However, as the Spring Festival approached, Lin Feng rarely used the driving software on his mobile phone to pick up jobs. "Look, on my mobile phone, there are more than 30 orders on only one price platform that have not been answered. Although many customers have added 20 or 30 yuan in tips."

Lin Feng and other chauffeurs said that the price of private orders is now more than twice that of the platform, "basically starting at 150 yuan", and will not be drawn by the platform. These days, they can receive at least three orders every night.

Another driver believes that, firstly, the Chinese New Year is approaching, and secondly, the charges are negotiated with the guests, so it is normal to earn more.

At 10:30 p.m. on the 22nd, Lin Feng walked into a restaurant to see the remaining diners, then rode to the parking garage to observe for a while, and calmly told the reporter, "There are still guests, you can wait a little longer."

[The driving platform responds]

Private orders are not guaranteed in case of disputes or accidents

Regarding the phenomenon of private orders taken by the driver, the reporter contacted a driver platform yesterday. The customer service staff said that the driver belongs to the service industry, and the driver cannot refuse the order and cancel the order without reason. The driver must go to work through the driver’s end to listen to the order, hang a tag when making an order, and be equipped with white gloves, seat covers and trunk pads; confirm with the customer before and after billing.

If the user finds that the driver does not go to the platform, increases the price privately, and collects tips indiscriminately, this is a "black order", and the customer can write down the driver’s tag job number and report it to the platform official. The customer service staff said that there are still people posing as the platform’s driving staff, and the customer can also directly take pictures for evidence collection and report it to the platform, or even directly choose to call the police.

The relevant personnel of the public relations department of a driving platform told reporters that at present, as the Spring Festival is approaching, the number of drivers who go to work normally has indeed decreased. There is no specific data on the order volume, but the supply and demand are more tight than usual.

The customer service staff of the chauffeur platform said that it is recommended that users use the platform to find chauffeurs, so that the service quality and safety will be guaranteed. The company has chauffeur liability compensation insurance, and there are clear restrictions on drivers who take detours, are unfamiliar with the road, dump passengers halfway, and have verbal and physical conflicts. Drivers on duty have 12 chauffeur points. If they violate the regulations, corresponding points will be deducted. After deduction, the account will be frozen, and if they are serious, they will be fired directly.

"If the employer and the driver place and receive orders on the official driving platform, if there is a traffic accident, or if there is a traffic violation caused by the driving, you can complain to the driving platform and the platform will deal with it accordingly." Another driving platform customer service staff told reporters yesterday, but if the employer and the driving driver reach an agreement privately, that is, a "private order", in case of a traffic accident or traffic violation, it has nothing to do with the driving platform.

[Lawyer’s statement]

Driving privately takes orders

Suspected of illegal operation

Regarding the phenomenon of driving drivers receiving private orders before the festival, Ge Zhihao, a lawyer at Beijing Guantao Zhongmao (Shanghai) Law Firm, said that drivers who bypass the platform to receive private orders are suspected of illegal operations, commonly known as "black driving". Once an accident or traffic violation occurs during the driving process, both employers and drivers will face huge risks.

Ge Zhihao, a lawyer, said that the driver bypassing the platform to take orders privately is a personal business behavior, and has not obtained market permission, and is suspected of engaging in illegal business operations. Because these "black driver" do not have commercial insurance, in the event of an accident, the responsibility must be borne by the individual: "If the’black driver ‘does not have the ability to compensate, it will be very troublesome for the employer."

Ge Zhihao said that if an employer directly hires an individual to do the driving, in the event of an accident, the employer shall bear the tort liability according to the Tort Liability Law. Of course, if the hired driver causes damage due to intentional or gross negligence, he shall bear joint and several liability with the owner according to law.

But in real life, employers do not know the personal information of the driver. If an accident occurs, the accountability process is very difficult. Once a dispute or loss occurs, the employer is likely to face a situation where there is no way to complain or the loss cannot be made up.

But the situation is different when looking for a driver through the platform. In order to avoid risks, the common practice of the driver company is to raise the entry threshold of the driver, set a unified charging standard and monitor the whole process. The most important thing is to purchase insurance for the driver, the owner and the vehicle.

In addition, if an accident or damage occurs during the driving process, according to the relevant provisions of the Contract Law and the Tort Liability Law, if the driver, as an employee of the driving company, causes damage to other people’s property while performing his duties, the driving company shall bear the corresponding compensation liability; if the driver causes damage due to gross negligence, the driving company can hold him accountable: "For employers, finding a driver through a formal platform can minimize their own risk."