A large number of tickets for the concert cannot be purchased? Wang Junkai’s fan group issued a document asking the organizer to provide an explanation

On July 25th, TFBOYS sixth anniversary concert tickets went on sale. Many fans who bought tickets said that after entering the Damai APP ticket purchase page on time at the opening time, there were a large number of tickets that could not be purchased, including senior members of the TFBOYS combination official website (fans who recharged 298 yuan membership fee) who had previously claimed to have the right of first refusal. And then scalpers openly sold high-priced tickets on other platforms, so some fans suspected that the platform had locked up a large number of tickets in advance, which caused heated discussions. On the afternoon of the 25th, Wang Junkai’s fan club "Wang Junkai Weibo" issued a statement, hoping that the concert organizer would provide an explanation.

The full text is as followsWhat is it?

Hello, relevant departments and leaders.

On August 10, 2019, the TFBOYS group will hold its sixth anniversary concert in Shenzhen. At 10:00 on July 25, the concert tickets will be sold exclusively on the Barley Network, claiming that 25,000 tickets will be open for senior members of the TFBOYS group official website (fans who recharge the membership fee of 298 yuan) to buy first.

However, ticket-buying fans found that after entering the Damai APP ticket purchase page on time at 10 o’clock, a large number of tickets could not be purchased, and there was a large number of tickets locked in advance! As a result, a large number of fans who have recharged premium members and obtained ticket-buying privilege accounts did not buy tickets.

At the same time, the major scalper organizations on the Internet began to sell tickets at an amount [several times higher than the original ticket price], and the maximum ticket price has exceeded 10,000 yuan! There are even scalpers claiming that the organizers directly provide consecutive tickets!

The exclusive channel of Damai.com has no tickets, but all kinds of scalpers are openly selling high-priced tickets, which makes fans puzzled and unacceptable, and the rights and interests of senior members to buy tickets are seriously damaged! Why is there a large number of scalper tickets when Damai.com is the exclusive agent of tickets, and all the ticket prices are much higher than the original ticket prices, openly sold at high prices on [Taotao Ticket and other apps]!?

We hereby request: All parties concerned to investigate the situation related to the ticketing of this concert and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers! Barley is required to provide proof of the number of tickets successfully purchased from 10:00 to the time when the tickets are sold out.

At the same time, as a senior member of the official website of TFBOYS combination, we strongly request @TFBOYS_FanClub @TFBOYS combination @Fengjun culture as the organizer to make a reasonable explanation for why there are a large number of high-priced scalper tickets under the exclusive authorization of Damai.com ticket sales!

It is reported that on July 8, the sixth anniversary concert of the TFBOYS group was officially announced, and it will be held in Shenzhen on August 10, 2019. The concert is called "THE FEVER". According to netizens, the Mayday group will serve as the surprise guest of the TFBOYS concert.