In 2017, they accidentally became "online celebrity"

  Blue Army Brigadier Man Guangzhi

  Dan Jixiang, head of the Forbidden City

  Wu Yishu, a talented woman with flying flowers.

  … …

  the year 2017

  There are some "online celebrity" worthy of our praise.


  "Hello, everyone, I am Man Guangzhi who everyone wants to capture alive."

  Accompanied by Zhu Ri and the military parade, a figure who was previously rumored only in the circle of military fans was quickly known to the public. He was the brigade commander of the First Blue Army of the Chinese Army — —Man Guangzhi.

  A man who makes all the major war zones and units of the People’s Liberation Army want to "capture alive".

  Since Man Guangzhi was transferred to the Blue Army Brigadier in 2015, this unit, known as the "coyote", has often defeated the Red Army with overwhelming advantages. In the Zhu Rihe exercise in 2015, Man Guangzhi led the Blue Army to set a record of 10 battles and 10 victories. From 2014 to 2017, the Blue Army achieved 32 wins and 1 loss.

  Hate to tooth itch, the red army played the slogan of "stepping over Zhu Rihe and taking Man Guangzhi alive".

  Is it possible to "capture" Man Guangzhi alive?

  Man Guangzhi said, "At present, this possibility is not available. It is difficult for the Red Army to put forward the slogan of taking me alive, and it is not so easy to take me alive. Of course, there is such a possibility in the future, and I hope there is such a possibility. "

  Dan Jixiang: A Dean of online celebrity who can tell jokes.







  “中国核潜艇之父” 人间蒸发30年




  91-year-old Huang Xuhua, known as "the father of nuclear submarines in China", is the chief designer of the first generation of nuclear submarines in China, an academician of China Academy of Engineering and honorary director of 719 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.

  Huang Xuhua lived incognito for 30 years for the cause of nuclear submarines in the motherland. He has not returned to his hometown in Chaoshan, Guangdong for 40 years, and even his parents don’t know what he is doing. Huang Xuhua said: "Before I was transferred to Beijing, the leader only told me to go to Beijing for business, and I didn’t bring my luggage. My family asked me what unit I was in Beijing, but I never answered. When my father died, he only knew that his son was in Beijing and only knew his son’s mailbox number. "

  In 1987, Shanghai Wenhui Monthly published the reportage "A Life Without a Name", which described the life experience of the chief designer of China nuclear submarine and mentioned "Chief Designer Huang". Huang Xuhua’s 30-year secret life was gradually revealed to the world.

  "There is no waste in this life. Life belongs to nuclear submarines and the motherland, no regrets!"

  "the most distinguished passenger in the second class of high-speed rail"

  On the second-class seat of the high-speed rail, the white-haired old man was correcting something with pen and paper. Wear old shoes barefoot and look focused.

  Even an ordinary person, it is not easy to do this, but the identity of this seemingly ugly old man is not simple. The first batch of academicians of China Academy of Engineering — —Liu Xianlin.

  Liu Xianlin, 78 years old, is an active advocate of localization of surveying and mapping instruments, honorary president of China Academy of Surveying and Mapping, and has won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress twice.

  Academician Liu’s image of assiduous study, frugality and simplicity is respectable. Netizens called him "the most distinguished passenger in the second class of high-speed rail". When he noticed the old shoes on Liu Lao’s feet, netizens shouted "Look at his feet, I am moved to cry."

  Under the onlookers of netizens, many media wanted to report on Academician Liu Xianlin, but he refused, on the grounds that "the state has given him enough awards and honors, and now he wants to focus on research".

  Wu Yishu, a talented woman in the Chinese Poetry Conference

  On February 7, 2017, 16-year-old girl Wu Yishu won the championship in the Chinese Poetry Conference, and with her strong strength and talented temperament, she left a deep impression on the audience and became an instant hit.

  "This beautiful girl after 00 has satisfied all people’s fantasies about ancient talented women." He is 1.8 meters tall, with long hair hanging down, eyebrows and phoenix eyes, dressed in a Chinese costume, but he is "aggressive" when he talks.

  These characteristics make Wu Yishu quickly circle countless powders.

  In fact, in the program, Wu Yishu often looks surprised and can’t believe his answer is so good. He will also find another way when the players are speechless and don’t know how to answer. People like her, not only her ability to recite ancient poems and comprehend them, but also her personality.

  Besides poetry, Wu Yishu has a broader life. Wu Yishu is interested in chemistry, and she is a representative of chemistry class at school. According to other contestants, Wu Yishu’s future ideal is to do scientific research.

Looking back on 2021, watch the beautiful flash moment when Tik Tok met the film!

32 million people watched together.Tik Tok’s first live movie

, and other masters gathered at the Tik Tok Cloud premiere.

Appear in the live broadcast room and have a cross-border conversation with Tik Tok Talent.

Tik Tok account plays 4.3 billion … …

Special feature of 1905 film network Looking back at 2021, all the famous scenes of these film circles were staged in Tik Tok.On January 23rd, Tik Tok and China Film Report released the annual event inventory video of "The Flash Moment of Tik Tok Film 2021" to relive the flash moment when Tik Tok met the film in the past year.

According to the data released by the National Film Bureau on January 1st, 2022, the total box office of China’s films reached 47.258 billion yuan and the total number of screens reached 82,248 in 2021. The total box office and the total number of screens continued to rank first in the world, and the film industry in China recovered rapidly and continued to develop well.

Among the new films released throughout the year, 304 films were chosen to be promoted in Tik Tok. Tik Tok was among the producers of 19 films. Tik Tok platform has increasingly become an important position that can’t be ignored in film publicity.

In the past year, how did Tik Tok integrate resources to help the film announcement in multiple dimensions? In the continuous iteration and upgrade of the short video platform announcement mode, what experience can be used for reference by the industry?

Full coverage of the schedule

Refined operation helps film announcement.

Looking at all the major schedules in 2021, from Spring Festival, May Day and Summer Holiday to National Day and New Year’s Eve, whether it is a commercial blockbuster or a low-budget film, Tik Tok platform has become a "battleground" for film announcement. The films with the leading box office are also in the top position in Tik Tok, and Tik Tok, as a content platform, has a stronger potential energy output in film promotion.

At the beginning of the year, the "strongest Spring Festival file in history" created a number of records such as 7.8 billion box office, 160 million person-times and 2.585 million times, which boosted industry confidence. Detective Chinatown 3, Hi, Mom and other blockbusters with the highest volume performed equally well in Tik Tok.

Hi, Mom touched the audience with tears in her laughter and simple and sincere mother-daughter affection, and made 5.413 billion box office, ranking second in the year. The film also focuses on the theme of "family" in short video promotion, and directly pokes users’ tears with strong empathy topics.

# Hello Li Huanying is crying, # Crying, # Hello Li Huanying is crying and laughing, # Hello Li Huanying MV is crying, and other topics are on the hot list in Tik Tok. The official account of the movie @ Hello Movie The total number of videos played in Li Huanying exceeded 4.3 billion, and the total number of likes exceeded 99 million. In 2021, Tik Tok users left the most tears for Hi, Mom.

The May 1st champion highlighted the highlight of "Zhang Yimou’s first spy war work". Zhang Yimou was a guest in the live broadcast room, and talked with Tik Tok experts such as @ Buyi Detective, @ Crow Movie, @ Zhang Zhanling and @ Waiguoren Research Association. The cross-border collision between the famous director and the users in Tik Tok, and the popularity and viewpoint of Qi Fei have achieved the communication effect of breaking the wall and the circle.

The Battle at Lake Changjin, My Father and I, two blockbusters in the National Day archives, also made efforts to publicize on the platform of Tik Tok to complete the "ultimate leap" at the box office. Box office champion of the year — — The official account of The Battle at Lake Changjin Tik Tok has 2.78 million fans, making it the movie official number with the most fans. Jason Wu, Jackson Yee and other masters attended the "Tik Tok Cloud Premiere of Changjin Lake", which attracted more than 6 million users to participate in the interaction, and a total of 10 hot topics were listed.

The four directors of Me and My Father jointly broadcast live in Tik Tok, attracting more than 15.6 million people to watch. The "Me and My Father’s Cavalry Corps" starring in the "Riding the Wind" unit has nearly 10 million praises and has become the hottest video of the year.

Not only commercial blockbusters, genre films can also reach the target audience accurately through short video communication strategies with outstanding highlights and tailor-made.

The youth romantic film "Summer Future" highlights the "sense of youth" in the propaganda, and combines the topic fermentation with special time nodes such as graduation season and Tanabata to arouse netizens’ empathy and enhance users’ desire to see the index and pre-sale conversion. 

# Leo Airborne Graduation Ceremony # Summer future is too real # Leo Zifeng Zhang school uniform photo hot spots have been listed for 32 times, with a cumulative broadcast volume of 797 million, and the maximum growth in a single day is 92,000.

Action crime movies accurately found the male audience who loved action movies. The cumulative broadcast volume of # Anger Serious Cases reached 2.9 billion, and hot topics were listed for 18 times. Topics such as "Missing the Stars" even set off a platform-wide emotional killing. In the end, the film won 1.329 billion box office and won the box office championship in Hong Kong.

In the past Lunar New Year movies, suspense crime movies, comedies, romantic movies "Love by Year" were also aimed at the target crowd and sinking the market in Tik Tok. Through the publicity before the screening, continuous exposure after the screening, the long tail effect was released, which prompted more audiences to enter the theater and realized the overall volume and box office growth of the film.

Innovative and characteristic gameplay

Explore more possibilities of connecting with movies.

From the first admission in 2017, through several years’ practice, Tik Tok’s film announcement mode has been constantly iterative and upgraded. By means of enriching marketing methods, expanding marketing scenarios and creating effective marketing tools, Tik Tok is exploring a new model of "internet plus Movies" while exerting the power of the platform to help the accurate distribution of materials, driving the growth of movies’ desire to see the index and the transformation of ticket purchase.

Hi, Mom’s first cloud road show was broadcast live, and Jia Ling and 11 Tik Tok talents "returned to the 1980s". During the live broadcast, the official shook up nearly 100 thousand powder, creating a new form of live broadcast of movies.


The road show "Crowd of People" is the first live broadcast of the movie starring Andy Lau in Tik Tok, attracting 32 million people to watch it, with the cumulative praise exceeding 35 million. On average, users in Tik Tok send out 9,700 likes every second, and the value of watching the movie in the cat’s eye increased by 7,136 minutes, breaking the growth record of watching it in a single minute.

Customized gameplay based on the characteristics of the film is also constantly upgrading. More than 4 million people have the same model of the movie Hi, Mom through the special effects of stickers, which set off an upsurge of role interaction and achieved fission communication.

"Love by Year" invited eight couples from Tik Tok to create and sing the promotion song "Love by Year" with the film’s main creator, and filmed a fireworks blockbuster "Love by Year", which made netizens shout: "It’s too high to knock couples cp in Tik Tok!"

In the process of Detective Chinatown 3’s publicity, Tik Tok’s talent @ mesnier and @ Buyi Detective jointly created and filmed the "Looking for Q" series of Tang Tanchun Theater, which was played more than 200 million times, completing the exploration of the propaganda mode of Tik Tok-derived short plays in the first generation of films.

As the first major film produced in Tik Tok, The Summer Future opens up the ways of star live broadcast, customized stickers, and ticket grabbing, thus realizing the efficient release of communication potential.

As a platform for young people to gather, Tik Tok is cleverly embedded in the movie plot. The role account of Zheng Yuxing, the leading actor played by Leo, appeared many times, creating a new case of pioneering film implantation. The movie role number @DJXYZ attracted 20.39 million people to watch on the day of its arrival, and users actively discussed "Is this the trumpet of Leo?".


In addition, since the Spring Festival in 2021, Tik Tok has started to launch special film activities with "activity-driven schedule", and successively created special topics such as "May Day Movie Watching Plan", "Tik Tok Summer Movie Watching Guide" and "National Day File in Tik Tok", and constantly explored the fancy gameplay of "short video+movie announcement" to make the film content better connected and interacted with netizens through gameplay.

One of the advantages of these topics is to use the form of online aggregation pages to guide users to win ticket purchase discounts by marking "I want to see" and playing trailers, and finally complete the purchase. Through the activity, the cat’s eye index of "Summer Future" increased by 411,500, accounting for 44% of the total. On the Cliff, the index of cat’s eye wants to watch has increased by 40,800, accounting for 29% of the total number of people who want to watch.

The thematic form has effectively opened up a number of publicity links such as material exposure, exponential growth of want-to-see, and ticket purchase conversion. On the one hand, film and television materials are released in a centralized way, resulting in a high-frequency and lasting sound burst. On the other hand, the conversion path from content to purchase is clearer, which directly converts Tik Tok users into the number of people who want to see movies and drives the release of potential energy for film publicity.

According to the 48th Statistical Report on the Development of Internet in China issued by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of June 2021, the number of Internet users in China reached 1.011 billion, including 888 million short video users.

According to official data, there are more than 600 million daily users in Tik Tok, and the proportion of users under the age of 35 is over 90%, which is highly coincident with the mainstream movie consumers. This also makes Tik Tok full of imagination in excavating and attracting the incremental consumers of movies. While using huge traffic and channel advantages to promote the film, Tik Tok’s creators also influence and shape the film industry to some extent.

With the approach of the Spring Festival, Jackson Yee’s role number @ Haojing mobile phone repair has settled in Tik Tok and completed the "punch-in". The first content was praised as high as 252.2w, attracting 155.7w fans’ attention. Chinese New Year blockbusters, such as,,,,, and so on, have also been publicized in different forms in Tik Tok to stimulate public expectations.

In 2022, the story of Tik Tok and the film is to be continued.

China multi-channel officers and men went to the disaster area. More than 100 armed police have entered the epicenter on foot

Topic: An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province.

  China news agency, Beijing, May 13th According to the news from China’s military, as of 6: 30 on the 13th, the PLA and the Armed Police Force have invested 16,760 people in earthquake relief. Military regions around the country plan to transport troops to the disaster area by 20 military planes, and at the same time, make officers and men reach the earthquake area as soon as possible by means of railways, motorized maneuvers and hiking. By 8: 00 on the 13th, more than 100 officers and men of the Aba detachment of the Armed Police had arrived in Wenchuan County on foot.

  More than 34,000 people from Jinan, Chengdu Military Region and Air Force are marching into the disaster area. Among them, 2,824 people from a group army of Chengdu Military Region in Yunnan have set off by railway at 3: 00 on 13th, and a division and two brigades of jinan military area command are organizing railway transportation. At present, the first echelon has been loaded, and it is planned to set off at 8: 20. An airborne army stationed in Hubei dispatched 6,420 people. At present, the landing field has been prepared, and the first flight has taken off at 6: 20. On 13th, the Air Force plans to use 20 military transport planes, Il-76 and Yun-8, to fly troops to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport and Mianyang Airport at full capacity.

  A national earthquake emergency rescue team of 227 people, composed of military personnel, medical staff of the Armed Police General Hospital and earthquake rescue experts, arrived in Dujiangyan at 0: 50 on the 13th, carrying 12 search and rescue dogs, two command vehicles and some equipment and medicines, and launched rescue operations in Dujiangyan Chinese Medicine Hospital and Juyuan Town Middle School, the two most severely affected places.

  Because the road to Wenchuan has been interrupted and cannot be reached by mechanized and motorized transportation, the troops organized a hike overnight. At present, the deputy chief of staff of an artillery regiment of a group army in Chengdu Military Region has led a 20-member reconnaissance detachment to Wenchuan on foot and is learning about the disaster.

Instant report:

The earthquake in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province has caused 9,219 deaths.

Hu Jintao presided over the Politburo meeting to deploy disaster relief work.

Wen Jiabao goes to Deyang

Basic situation of Wenchuan county

[Emergency] After repeated verification, the Wenchuan County earthquake in Sichuan was 7.8.Photos: Luoyang was affected by the earthquake

According to the National Seismological Network, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan.

Photos: Beijing was affected by the earthquake and citizens ran down high-rise buildings.

The earthquake in Kunming is strong, and it is obvious that there is an earthquake.

Photo: Shijiazhuang area affected by earthquake.

[Emergency] An earthquake of magnitude 3.9 occurred in Tongzhou District, Beijing.

An earthquake was clearly felt in Beijing today.

The earthquake in Kunming is strong, and it is obvious that there is an earthquake.

At around 14: 35, an earthquake was clearly felt in Beijing.



Self-help manual:

Where does the earthquake do the most damage to the human body? Self-help and mutual rescue are very important.

Don’t jump off a building.

[Video] Earthquake Tips-How to save yourself when an earthquake happens

Office supplies knocked down in the technical room of Xinhua News Agency Sichuan Branch

    On May 12, 2008, Luoyang citizens were running out of houses and construction sites to avoid the earthquake. (Source: CFP) 

    At about 14: 38 pm on May 12, 2008, there was a strong earthquake in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, and people who were working evacuated from the office building. (Author: Zhang Runmin) (Source: CFP) 

    On May 12, 2008, Beijing was affected by the earthquake, and the downstairs of Dacheng Building of Xinhuanet was full of evacuated citizens. (Author: Guo Xiaotian) (Source: CFP)

Editor: Wang Xu

The cooperative survival game "Nightingale" jumped again and launched a preemptive experience in the fall of 2023.

The cooperative survival game "Nightingale" announced the jump ticket again. In the latest developer video, the developer Inflexion Games announced that the pre-emptive experience version of the game was postponed until the fall of 2023. At present, the game test is underway, and the extra development time will make the game make more good progress.

The Nightingale was first announced in 2021. It was originally scheduled to be released in 2022. In the whole year, the developer Inflexion Games announced that the game would be skipped until the first half of 2023, and the development engine was also transferred to unreal engine 5.

Set up meta-space, Indian entertainment group Shemaroo reached a cooperation with sandbox.

  Recently, The Sandbox announced a partnership with Indian media and entertainment group Shemaroo Entertainment.

  Shemaroo will set up a new cultural metauniverse center in BharatBox of The Sandbox, bringing together famous artists and brands from the Indian entertainment industry.

  The space will hold various activities such as film release, award ceremony, live concert and screening to ensure the continuous participation of users. The game area inspired by Bollywood classics will include retro nightclubs (inspired by disco dancers), game clubs (inspired by The Big Gambler), underwater treasure hunting (based on Blue), cricket match (starting from 22 yards), horseback riding (rescue) mission (theme of Khuda Gawah), social cafes (Jab We Met) and action games (Tango Charlie).

  This cooperation is not only an expansion of Shemaroo, but also a strategic measure to ensure its place in the rapidly developing meta-universe. It represents the integration of traditional entertainment and cutting-edge digital technology, and provides a new way for audience participation.

  Sebastien Borget, co-founder and chief operating officer of The Sandbox, said that we are very glad that Shemaroo chose The Sandbox to cooperate with BharatBox to expand its metacosmic experience and bring Bollywood and millions of users to the metauniverse to explore exciting new content.

Peninsula Sports Ligue 1: Manchester City is the best team in the world, and we don’t need to spend a wonderful season with him.

Even if Argentine World Cup champion Alexis Mike alister arrives from Brighton, Liverpool should still sign another midfielder. As a breakthrough prospect of La Liga season, Veiga has extraordinary physical and technical attributes, as well as versatility and industrialization. He also has an advantage on the offensive end, and his willingness to move into the restricted area is excellent-as shown by his < > goals in 32 La Liga games.

Although Vega’s influence may have diminished in recent weeks (not uncommon for a 20-year-old debut season), it is reported that he has a release clause of 400,000 euros, which will make him a real deal.

Serie A Bundesliga standings [5.21]: Milan 5-1, Bayern 1-3 Leipzig, Marseille lost.

Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 teams welcome the following games, the standings, the situation, the goals and the team’s recent achievements are described in detail below:

The following Serie A matches will be played: AC Milan 5-1 Sampdoria, Atalanta 3-1 Verona and Cremonese 1-5 Bologna.

The following Bundesliga matches were played: Bayern Munich 1:3RB Leipzig, Schalke 042:2 Frankfurt, Hertha Berlin 1:1 Bochum, Hoffenheim 4:2 Berlin Union, Werder Bremen 1:1 Cologne.

The following matches in Ligue 1 were played: Lille 2-1 Marseille, Nantes 0-3 Montpellier.

Serie A standings and battle data:

AC Milan 5:1 Sampdoria

At 2 o’clock on May 21 ST, Beijing time, AC Milan 5:1 Sampdoria in the 36th round of Serie A.

In the match, AC Milan scored the following goals: Rafael Leo scored in 9 minutes, Gill scored in 23 minutes, Gill scored a penalty in 29 minutes, Brahim Diaz scored in 63 minutes and Gill scored in 68 minutes.

In the game, Sampdoria scored the following goals: Quagliarella scored a goal in 20 minutes.

The two teams played recently:

On September 11th, 2022, Beijing time, Sampdoria visited 1-2 AC Milan in the Serie A match.

On February 13th, 2022, Beijing time, in the Serie A match, AC Milan played Sampdoria 1-0 at home.

On August 24th, 2021, Beijing time, Sampdoria visited 0-1 AC Milan in the Serie A match.

On April 3, 2021, Beijing time, in the Serie A match, AC Milan played 1-1 at Sampdoria.

The points of the two teams:

AC Milan: 36 wins, 18 draws, 10 losses, 8 points, 64 rankings, 5 wins and 50% wins.

Sampdoria: 36 wins, 3 draws, 9 losses, 24 points, 18 points, ranking 20, winning rate 9%

Atlanta 3:1 Verona

At 0: 00 on May 21, Beijing time, Atalanta 3:1 Verona in the 36th round of Serie A.

In the competition, Atalanta scored the following goals: Zappacosta scored in 22 minutes, Passalic scored in 53 minutes and Heylund scored in 62 minutes.

In the game, Verona scored the following goals: lazovic scored a goal in 11 minutes.

The two teams played recently:

On August 29th, 2022, Beijing time, in the Serie A match, Verona visited Atlanta 0-1.

On April 19th, 2022, Beijing time, in the Serie A match, Atlanta played 1-2 at home in Verona.

On December 12, 2021, Beijing time, in the Serie A match, Verona visited Atlanta 1-2.

On March 21, 2021, Beijing time, in the Serie A match, Verona was a guest of 0-2 Atlanta.

The points of the two teams:

Atlanta: 36 wins, 18 draws, 7 losses, 11 points, 61 points, 6 wins and 50% wins.

Verona: 36 wins, 7 draws, 9 losses, 20 points, 30 points, 18 wins, 20%

Cremonese 1:5 Bologna

At 21: 00 Beijing time on May 20, the 36th round of Serie A was 1:5 in Bologna, Cremonese.

In the game, Cremonese scored the following goals: Ciofani scored a goal in 90 minutes +1 minute.

In the match, the Bologna team scored the following goals: Anautovic scored a goal in 14 minutes, Lewis Ferguson scored a goal in 27 minutes, Stefan Bosch scored a goal in 45 minutes +1 minute, Orsolini scored a goal in 62 minutes and Sansone scored a goal in 80 minutes.

The two teams played recently:

On January 24, 2023, Beijing time, Bologna was a guest in Cremonese 1-1 in Serie A.

On May 6, 2006, Beijing time, in the Serie B match, Cremonese played 2-2 at home in Bologna.

On December 3, 2005, Beijing time, Bologna was a guest in Cremonese 1-1 in the Serie B competition.

The points of the two teams:

Cremonese: 36 wins, 4 draws, 12 losses, 20 points and 24 ranks 19 with a winning rate of 12%.

Bologna: 36 wins, 13 draws, 11 losses, 12 points and 50 points, ranking 9 with a winning rate of 37%.

Bundesliga standings and battle data:

Bayern Munich 1:3RB Leipzig

At 0: 00 Beijing time on May 21st, the 33rd round of Bundesliga was 1:3RB in Leipzig.

In the game, Bayern Munich scored the following goals: Gnabry scored a goal in 25 minutes.

In the game, the RB Leipzig team scored the following goals: leimer scored a goal in 64 minutes, Nkunku scored a penalty in 76 minutes and Szoboszlai scored a penalty in 86 minutes.

The two teams played recently:

On January 21, 2023, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, RB Leipzig was a guest at 1-1 Bayern Munich.

On July 31, 2022, Beijing time, in the German Super Cup, RB Leipzig was a guest of 3-5 Bayern Munich.

On February 6, 2022, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga match, Bayern Munich played 3-2 RB at home in Leipzig.

On September 12, 2021, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, RB Leipzig was a guest of 1-4 Bayern Munich.

The points of the two teams:

Bayern Munich: 33 wins, 20 draws, 8 losses, 5 points, 68 rankings, 61% winning rate.

RB Leipzig: 33 wins, 19 draws, 6 losses, 8 points, 63 ranking, 58% winning rate.

Schalke 042:2 Frankfurt

At 21: 00 Beijing time on May 20, the 33rd round of Bundesliga Schalke 042:2 Frankfurt.

In the game, Schalke 04 scored the following goals: Trod scored a goal in 1 minute and poulter scored a goal in 85 minutes.

In the competition, the Frankfurt team scored the following goals: Daichi Kamada scored a goal in 21 minutes and Tuta scored a goal in 59 minutes.

The two teams played recently:

On January 21, 2023, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Frankfurt was a guest of 3-0 Schalke 04.

On May 15th, 2021, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga match, Schalke 04 played 4-3 at home in Frankfurt.

On January 18, 2021, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Frankfurt was a guest at 3-1 Schalke 04.

On June 18, 2020, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Frankfurt was a guest at 2-1 Schalke 04.

The points of the two teams:

Schalke 04: 33 wins, 7 draws, 10 losses, 16 points and 31 points, ranking 16 with a winning rate of 22%.

Frankfurt: 33 wins, 12 draws, 11 losses, 10 points, 47 rankings, 8 wins and 37% wins.

Hertha Berlin 1:1 Bochum

At 21 o’clock on May 20 th, Beijing time, Hertha Berlin 1:1 Bochum in the 33 rd round of Bundesliga.

In the game, Hertha Berlin scored the following goals: Tousard scored a goal in 63 minutes.

In the game, Bochum scored the following goals: 90 minutes +4 minutes Kevin Schlotterbeck scored a goal.

The two teams played recently:

On January 21, 2023, Beijing time, Bochum was a guest in Hertha Berlin 3-1 in the Bundesliga competition.

On February 5, 2022, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga match, Hertha Berlin played 1-1 Bochum at home.

On September 12, 2021, Beijing time, Bochum was a guest at Hertha Berlin 1-3 in the Bundesliga competition.

On July 21, 2019, Beijing time, Bochum was a guest at Hertha Berlin 1-1 in a friendly match.

The points of the two teams:

Hertha Berlin: 33 wins, 6 draws, 8 losses, 19 points, 26 points, 18 wins and 19% wins.

Bochum: 33 wins, 9 draws, 5 losses, 19 points, 32 ranks 15th, and the winning rate is 28%.

Hoffenheim 4:2 Berlin Union

At 21 o’clock on May 20 th, Beijing time, the 33 rd round of the Bundesliga was 4:2 in Berlin

In the competition, Hoffenheim scored the following goals: Bibo scored a goal in 22 minutes, Kramaric scored a penalty in 36 minutes, Kramaric scored a goal in 90 minutes and Dabbour scored a goal in 90 minutes +9 minutes.

In the competition, the Berlin United team scored the following goals: Dokhi scored a goal in 45 minutes +4 minutes, and Leduni scored a goal in 90 minutes +5 minutes.

The two teams played recently:

On January 21, 2023, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Berlin jointly visited 3-1 Hoffenheim.

On January 15, 2022, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Berlin jointly visited 2-1 Hoffenheim.

On August 22, 2021, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Hoffenheim scored 2-2 at home in Berlin.

On February 28, 2021, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Berlin jointly visited 1-1 Hoffenheim.

The points of the two teams:

Hoffenheim: 33 wins, 10 draws, 5 losses, 18 points, 35 points, 13 wins and 31% wins.

Berlin United: 33 wins, 17 draws, 8 losses, 8 points and 59 points, ranking 4 with a winning rate of 52%.

Werder Bremen 1:1 Cologne

At 21 o’clock on May 20 th, Beijing time, the 33 rd round of Bundesliga Werder Bremen 1:1 Cologne.

In the game, Werder Bremen scored the following goals: schmid scored a goal in 73 minutes.

In the competition, the Cologne team scored the following goals: Tiegs scored a goal in 36 minutes.

The two teams played recently:

On January 22, 2023, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Cologne was a guest of 7-1 Werder Bremen.

On March 7, 2021, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Cologne was a guest at 1-1 Werder Bremen.

On November 7, 2020, Beijing time, in the Bundesliga competition, Werder Bremen played 1-1 Cologne at home.

On June 27th, 2020, Beijing time, Werder Bremen played 6-1 in Cologne at home in the Bundesliga.

The points of the two teams:

Werder Bremen: 33 wins, 10 draws, 6 losses, 17 points, 36 points, 12 wins and 31% wins.

Cologne: 33 wins, 10 draws, 12 losses, 11 points and 42 points, ranking 10, with a winning rate of 31%.

Ligue 1 standings and battle data:

Lille 2:1 Marseille

At 3 o’clock on May 21 ST, Beijing time, Lille 2:1 Marseille in the 36 th round of Ligue 1.

In the game, Lille scored the following goals: Jonathan David scored a penalty in 50 minutes and Jonathan Bamba scored a goal in 72 minutes.

In the game, Marseille scored the following goals: Jonathan Close scored a goal in 29 minutes.

The two teams played recently:

On September 11th, 2022, Beijing time, Marseille made a 2-1 Lille visit in the Ligue 1 competition.

On January 17, 2022, Beijing time, Marseille was a 1-1 Lille guest in the Ligue 1 competition.

On October 3, 2021, Beijing time, in the Ligue 1 match, Lille played 2-0 Marseille at home.

On March 4, 2021, Beijing time, Lille played 2-0 in Marseille at home in the Ligue 1 match.

The points of the two teams:

Lille: 36 wins, 18 draws, 9 losses, 9 points, 63 points, 5 wins, 50% wins.

Marseille: 36 wins, 22 draws, 7 losses, 7 points, 73 places, and the winning rate is 62%.

Nantes 0:3 Montpellier

At 23 o’clock on May 20 th, Beijing time, Nantes 0:3 Montpellier in the 36 th round of Ligue 1.

In the competition, Montpellier scored the following goals: Jordain Ferry scored a goal in 38 minutes, Nordin scored a goal in 47 minutes and Faraille Sacco scored a goal in 88 minutes.

The two teams played recently:

On January 15th, 2023, Beijing time, Montpellier visited Nantes 0-3 in the Ligue 1 match.

On March 6, 2022, Beijing time, in the Ligue 1 match, Nantes played 2-0 in Montpellier at home.

On October 31, 2021, Beijing time, Montpellier visited Nantes 2-0 in the Ligue 1 match.

On May 24, 2021, Beijing time, Nantes played 1-2 Montpellier at home in the Ligue 1 match.

The points of the two teams:

Nantes: 36 wins, 6 draws, 15 losses, 15 points, 33 points, 17 wins and 17% wins.

Montpellier: 36 wins, 14 draws, 5 losses, 17 points, 47 points, 12 wins and 39% wins.

I started as James, who played as a center: I was almost eliminated by Chelsea Youth Academy that year.

Chelsea defender Reese James said in an interview that he was almost eliminated by Chelsea youth training in the past and revealed that he started as a striker.

James said: "I signed for Chelsea when I was about eight or nine years old. I stood out among my peers. We have Du Qiong Sterling, martel Croasdale, Ryan Brewster, Jamie Cumming, Mark Gay and Connor Gallagher, and several of us have succeeded."

"All of us dream of playing for Chelsea, but when we were growing up, people knew it was difficult to get into the first team because not many people could do it in recent years. We knew what we wanted, but it was difficult to achieve at that time. "

"But when Lampard was the head coach, he really helped the youth training and the first team to cooperate better. Even now that he has left, the youth training and the first team still maintain his legacy, as evidenced by the addition of some young players last season. They got the opportunity and completed their first show, which is both recognition for the players and affirmation for the staff. "

"When I was growing up, I was a striker. I admired Drogba and I always admired him. I just want to score goals and celebrate like him. I stopped playing as a striker at the age of eleven or twelve and started to develop in the midfield. I stayed there for three or four years, and then I found myself suitable to play as a right-back at the age of fifteen. I hated this position at first. Until one day, I suddenly felt adapted to this position and began to really enjoy it, about seventeen years old. But it really takes me a long time to get used to this position. When I don’t want to play this position, this position often makes me feel depressed.

"But right-back is the position where I play the most now, and it is also my favorite position. I have hardly played in other positions. I have been there since I joined Chelsea, but when I was fifteen or sixteen, I was almost eliminated. I am probably one of the worst players in that age group, and they are not sure how I will develop. When they offered me a new contract, they took great risks. I must try my best to prove that I can play football and achieve my goals. "

Malouda: "I hope Chelsea sign Mbappé"

Malouda: "I hope Chelsea sign Mbappé"

Former Chelsea striker Florent Malouda says he would like to see Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappé move to London.

"I hope Chelsea sign Mbappé, and I think the club should choose the best player like him. Especially when I see how much money Chelsea has spent on others. It all depends on his desire to come to the club, but we must choose such a top player and build a team around him. My dream is to build a team with young players around Mbappé. He has won many trophies and is eager for more, so Chelsea should look for such players. Will Mbappé agree to move to Chelsea? Anything is possible! "It’s not just about preparing an offer with a lot of money," Goal quoted Malouda as saying.

Mbappé has been playing for Paris Saint-Germain since 2018. The 24-year-old Frenchman’s contract will last until the summer of 2025.

This season, Mbappé made 30 appearances in various competitions on behalf of the club, scored 7 goals and sent 31 assists.