Wang Jianlin, don’t admit defeat

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Wang Jianlin, China’s former richest man, continues to fight while some property companies lie flat.

On the evening of June 28, Zhuhai Wanda Commercial Management submitted its Hong Kong IPO application materials for the fourth time, more than 500 days after the first listing application.

In the past three years, Wang Jianlin’s life is not easy. The impact of the epidemic, the strictest supervision in the history of real estate, a group of once-famous real estate giants have collapsed.

Considering that the betting agreement with investors will take effect at the end of the year, if Zhuhai Wanda fails to list, then Wanda will face up to 40 billion share repurchase pressure.

For Lao Wang, going public is no longer the "icing on the cake". There are only 6 months left. Wang Jianlin, who does not admit defeat, must fight to the back.

"Wanda Commercial Management is Wanda’s core enterprise. I can lose any enterprise, but this cannot be lost."

But this "lifeblood" continued to be undervalued after it went public in 2014, so in 2016, Wang Jianlin decided to delist Wanda Commercial Management.

In the seven years since, the real estate industry has undergone a sudden change, and Wang Jianlin has always adhered to the "three major tasks" – reducing debt, light asset transformation and promoting re-listing.

During this period, Wanda Commercial Management introduced a number of investors, but also buried the risk of gambling.

In 2017, Wanda shares and debt double-kill, Wang Jianlin bite after the teeth, at the expense of borrowing to Sunac, let Sun Hongbin and R & F tension to 63.75 billion yuan to pick up 13 Wanda cultural tourism city and 77 hotels.

At the Wanda annual meeting in January the following year, Wang Jianlin was in tears:In 2017, Wanda experienced too many storms and hardships.

But the wave has not subsided, and another wave has come to attack.

There is no such thing as a free lunch in the world. The nine investors who helped Wanda privatize previously agreed with Wang Jianlin to go public at the end of 2018, otherwise Wanda would have to pay interest and buy back shares.

However, the road to listing of real estate companies is basically locked, Wang Jianlin can only ask for help from old friends, Pony Ma, Zhang Jindong, Sun Hongbin, Liu Jintao opened the purse generously, jointly funded 34 billion, to solve the urgent needs of Lao Wang.

Since then, Wang Jianlin has switched to H shares again, and the listed entity has been changed to Zhuhai Wanda Commercial Management.

On the eve of its listing in Hong Kong, Zhuhai Wanda Commercial Management launched a Pre-IPO financing, transferring 21.17% of its shares to multiple investors such as Country Garden, CITIC Capital, Ant Group, Tencent, PAG Pacific Alliance Investment Group, etc. A total of about 6 billion US dollars (43.50 billion yuan).

The price Wanda needs to pay is that it must complete the listing by the end of 2023, otherwise it needs to buy back investors’ shares. That is to say, if the listing cannot be completed by the end of this year, Wanda needs to use 40 billion funds to buy back the equity.

The same script played out again, but this time, the friends were already cash-strapped, and some of them could not even protect themselves, so there was no money to help others.

For Wanda, which is currently not well-off, the expenditure of tens of billions of dollars is undoubtedly adding to the woes.

The end of the bet is approaching, and the iron man Wang Jianlin must speed up his pace.

In the history of H-share listings, it is rare for such a large number of IPOs to be repeatedly tossed.

Due to the delay in obtaining the "big road" of the China Securities Supervision Commission, some analysts said that,Zhuhai Wanda Commercial Management has set a "record" for the slowest overseas listing of a private company.

As early as October 11, 2021, Zhuhai Wanda obtained the acceptance letter from the Securities Supervision Commission and submitted its first listing prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ten days later. But to this day, Wang Jianlin has not yet received the "pass" he has been longing for.

According to past experience, it only takes 3 to 6 months to get from "small road" to "big road", but Wang Jianlin waited 627 days. In addition, several Wanda IPO applications have also stepped on the implementation node of the "Pilot Measures" for overseas listing, and the road to listing can be described as a difficult buff.

Under the pilot scheme, domestic companies seeking to list overseas or in H-shares must obtain, in addition to an acceptance letter from the Securities Supervision Commission, known as a "small road", "H-share issuance approval" issued by the Securities Supervision Commission, known as a "big road". Only after having the "big road" will the Hong Kong Stock Exchange conduct a listing hearing for the company and start the issuance, roadshow and listing work.

In addition to the two "tickets", it also needs to be filed with the Securities Supervision Commission and approved. In other words, Zhuhai Wanda Commercial Management has an additional hurdle of approval.

Previously, Wanda’s listing information had expired three times, and the fundamental reason was that the "big road" had not been approved. On June 2, the China Securities Regulatory Commission raised six major questions to Zhuhai Wanda and asked for supplementary materials. Compared with the ease of listing in 2014, Wang Jianlin’s IPO can be described as even more difficult.

Therefore, in response to the supplementary material requirements of the Securities Supervision Commission, whether Wanda’s reply can pass the customs will be the key to the sprint listing.

Looking at the requirements of the Securities Supervision Commission, it can be seen that the problem mainly focuses on compliance, including corporate governance, capital exchanges with major shareholders, the authenticity of rental rate data, share repurchase, debt repayment arrangements, and high proportion of dividends.

According to the requirements, the issuer should supplement the materials within 30 working days. That means Wanda has about two weeks to prepare this response.

However, it is better to receive a reply than no news. Wanda also pointed out that "requesting supplementary materials is a normal process, and the listing is still in progress."

Just leave Wang Jianlin time is not much, in the face of the Securities Supervision Commission questions, Wanda iron also need their own hard.

If the "big road" is successfully obtained, coupled with the current policy atmosphere to support the real estate market, it is not impossible for Wanda to accelerate its listing.

Wang Jianlin is a man who refuses to admit defeat.

16 years of military experience have created his character of integrity, perseverance, and perseverance.

At the beginning of his business, he ran supermarkets, factories, elevator factories, substations, and eventually waded into the field of real estate development. But real estate is a capital-intensive industry. Due to his lack of experience, he has walked to the edge of the cliff many times due to capital chain problems.

At first in order to obtain a 20 million loan, he has more than 50 times hope to meet the leader of a bank, sometimes in the bank gate a stand is a whole day, but at that time Wanda is still a little-known small business, the bank is not willing to take risks, the final loan or not down.

On the one hand, he was exhausted for loans, and on the other hand, he was unable to start the project for a long time. Wang Jianlin didn’t sleep for nine days and nights at that time, and on the tenth day, he was directly unconscious in the company and was rushed to the hospital.

"You can’t be afraid of humiliation, you can’t be afraid of setbacks. The living can’t be suffocated to death by urine, and the bank can’t find it, so think of other ways." Wang Jianlin finally rescued Wanda, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, by issuing bonds.

In 2000, Wang Jianlin decided to switch to commercial real estate, but Wanda’s troubles still did not stop. In the first three years, Wanda mainly sold, and the merchants who purchased the shops directly sued Wanda in court for poor management.

In just three years, Wanda has fought 222 lawsuits. Although it has lost only two, the company is struggling to cope. Many people left Wanda at that time to find other ways.

Wang Jianlin did not flinch. In the face of difficulties, he believed in the thinking of "actual combat" and explored innovation and solved problems in practice. "When you reach the Yellow River, you will not die, and if you hit the south wall, you will not look back. When you reach the Yellow River, you will build a bridge and pass, and if you hit the south wall, you will turn over with a ladder."

He came up with an "urban complex" model. "Make a commercial center, build office buildings and apartments next to it. Sell apartments, office buildings, get cash flow, and the shops will run themselves."

This "combination of rental and sale" has allowed Wanda to rapidly expand its territory across the country and gradually grow into the country’s leading commercial real estate enterprise.

From an operational perspective,Wanda Commercial Management is China’s largest and most profitable business operations service provider.

According to the prospectus, Zhuhai Wanda achieved 17.196 billion yuan, 23.481 billion yuan and 27.12 billion yuan respectively in 2020, 2021 and 2022; its net profit during the same period reached 1.112 billion yuan, 3.512 billion yuan and 7.534 billion yuan respectively.

It can be seen that after the epidemic was released, Wanda bottomed out and rebounded, successfully achieved a V-shaped reversal, and its profitability increased significantly. Moreover, the profitability level from 2021 (adjusted by a specific algorithm) to 2022 has exceeded the gambling requirements. Considering the signs of consumption recovery, it will also be a high probability event to complete the betting profit requirement of 9.46 billion yuan in 2023.

The parent company Dalian Wanda Business Management Group is even larger, in 2022, Dalian Wanda Business Management revenue 49.314 billion yuan, net profit 12.301 billion yuan.

Taking Zhuhai Wanda as a reference, its revenue is 3 times and 6 times that of Xincheng Holdings and China Resources Vientiane Life Business Management, and 3.4 times that of the entire China Resources Vientiane Life Profit (2.206 billion yuan).

As of the end of 2022, Zhuhai Wanda had 472 projects under management, covering an area of 65.60 million square meters, making it the world’s largest business operations service provider and the only service provider in China to export large-scale management to third parties.

This asset-light model is not only what Wang Jianlin hopes to achieve, but also favored by capital markets. In Hong Kong stocks, the price-to-earnings ratio of China Resources Vientiane Life is nearly 5 times that of China Resources Land. The market value of Country Garden Services once exceeded that of Country Garden, which is mainly engaged in real estate development. Vanke also split All Things Cloud and listed it in Hong Kong.

The "limit for betting" has been reduced, and the listing battle of Zhuhai Wanda will most likely determine the fate of the real estate kingdom. But Wang Jianlin, a soldier, will not easily admit defeat. For now, this big gamble continues.

In April last year, Wang Jianlin took over the 10-year operation rights of the commercial project owned by Hu Baosen, "the first brother of Henan Real Estate"; five months later, two Wanda workshops in Zhengzhou opened at the same time.

In addition, Wang Jianlin also worked with Xinyuan Zhang Yong and Shanxi Tian Sen Du Yinwu, and took over the operation rights of Beijing Blue Harbor and Wukesong Zhuozhan Shopping Center. In 2022 alone, Wanda Commercial Management was involved in more than a dozen transactions.

Taking advantage of the recovery in consumption after the epidemic, Wanda is back on the road. The latest data shows that Wanda Commercial Management Group opened 12 Wanda Plaza in the first half of 2023, with a total of 484 openings. Total rental income in the first half reached 26.32 billion yuan, an increase of 4.5% year-on-year;

In addition, compared with other business management service providers, Wanda is more efficient, with a rental rate of 98.2% in the first half of the year and a 100% rent collection.

In addition to the core sector of business management, Wang Jianlin also pointed out at the annual meeting that in 2023, in addition to promoting the listing of Zhuhai Wanda Business Management, there will be cultural tourism "starting again".

After selling a number of cultural tourism assets to collect funds, Wanda Cultural Tourism "came back" in 2023. After the Lunar New Year, the once-quiet Wang Jianlin made frequent appearances, appearing in Luoyang White Horse Temple, Luoyi Ancient City, Guizhou Danzhai and other places, and immediately signed a number of cultural tourism projects.

Not only that, Wanda also issued a recruitment announcement called "Return to the Goose Plan", which is intended to bring back people who have worked at Wanda Hotels. More than 100 Wanda hotels are said to have participated in the campaign.

Residential real estate has also begun to return to the public eye. Wanda Real Estate (residential sector) focuses on Wanda’s commercial development and has been located in Wuhan, Guiyang and other places.

"In China’s real estate industry, Wang Jianlin deserves to be ranked first in terms of strategic execution and tactical discipline." Hu Baosen said of Wang Jianlin.

From surviving with a broken arm in 2017 to today’s massive counteroffensive, Wang Jianlin has taken precautions and acted countercyclically, which is the key to Wanda’s long-term survival.

Wang Jianlin once said: "Wanda’s difficulties are only temporary and phased, and Wanda will never lie flat." However, since the beginning of the year, the negative news lingering on Wanda has continued to ferment, causing Wanda, who originally "went ashore early", to once again fall into doubt.

However, these negative news are not completely real, and there are still many controversies. For example, the previously frozen equity of Dalian Wanda Commercial Management 1.90 billion, which Wanda said was worth far more than 1 billion yuan in property disputes. Wanda is using legal channels to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company.

Previously, Dalian Wanda suspended the small public debt of 6 billion yuan, taking into account the current market conditions and voluntarily giving up the issuance, and will not have a direct impact on the listing of Zhuhai Wanda.

In fact, after the crisis in 2017, after Wanda repaid more than 200 billion in debt, the "debt nuclear bomb" has been dismantled. The decisive transformation to light assets has also made Wanda lighter.

Moreover, compared with the crazy leveraging companies such as Sunac and Evergrande, Wang Jianlin has a more forward-looking strategic vision. He often takes precautions before the storm, even at the risk of breaking his wrists, ultimately escaping disaster.

At another crucial crossroads, the former richest man in China is facing a crucial battle.

As his favorite song sings: "I want to go from south to north, and I want to go from white to black." At the age of 69, he chose to stubbornly continue to fight.


In 2023, the first adjustment of domestic oil prices will rise; Will there be a wave of price increases for mainstream car companies early next year?

1. In 2023, the first adjustment of domestic oil prices will rise.

According to the domestic refined oil price adjustment rules, a new round of refined oil retail price limit adjustment window will open at 24: 00 on January 3, 2023. As of December 27th, on the 6th working day, with reference to the crude oil change rate of 4.87%, it is predicted that gasoline and diesel will be raised by 275 yuan/ton, and after conversion, it will be raised by 0.21-0.24 yuan/liter. At present, the 4 cents that fell only last week has increased by half. According to this calculation, it will cost about 10.5-12 yuan to fill a tank with a capacity of 50L.

The date of price adjustment (24: 00 on January 3) is getting closer and closer, and downward adjustment is impossible. Oil prices will usher in the "first price increase" in 2023, and riders can refuel in advance.

2. Will there be a price hike for mainstream car companies early next year?

In order to seize the last wave of policy dividends, a group of new energy vehicle companies launched an unprecedented limited-time insured promotion war when the "state subsidy" entered the countdown. According to incomplete statistics, since November, more than 20 car companies have successively introduced time-limited insurance policies: some car companies have adopted the method of "locking orders before the year, paying a deposit and enjoying state subsidies in 2022", while others have played a combination boxing scheme of "insurance within the year+price increase after the year". Among them, BYD, which has completed the annual sales target of 1.5 million vehicles ahead of schedule, took the lead in launching the "first shot" of price increase.

In the price increase statements of various car companies, "the subsidy policy for the purchase of new energy vehicles will be terminated on December 31, 2022, and the countries that have licensed vehicles will no longer give subsidies" and "the prices of major raw materials such as batteries continue to rise sharply" are two essential reasons. In recent years, the continuous high sales of new energy vehicles directly boosted the growth of lithium battery loading. However, the explosive growth of terminal demand has caused the price of lithium material, which is an important raw material for vehicle power batteries, to soar. From the low price of 41,000 yuan/ton in June 2020 to the high price of 537,500 yuan/ton on October 18, 2022, the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate rose by more than 12 times, up by more than 8 times compared with the beginning of last year.

According to the analysis of Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Association, the net profit rate of lithium mine business of leading enterprises is around 70% this year, and the profit rate of power battery enterprises is around 8%, but the profit rate of vehicle enterprises is only around 5%. Obviously, the rising prices of raw materials have directly squeezed the profits of car companies. Therefore, in the context of the withdrawal of "state subsidy", I am afraid that more new energy vehicle companies will join the price increase camp in 2023.

3. Weimar Automobile was applied for freezing property.

Weimar Automobile, once one of the "Four Little Dragons", a new force to build cars, is living in the dilemma of "lack of money". From the aggravation of losses to internal salary reduction, from the power lock-up storm to the decline in sales, coupled with the IPO being blocked and patent compensation … Weimar Automobile was particularly cold this winter, but unfortunately it did not stop there.

Recently, Anji Zhixing Logistics Co., Ltd. and Weimar New Energy Automobile Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Weimar Automobile Technology Group Co., Ltd. made public the non-litigation preservation review ruling. According to the documents, the applicant Anji Zhixing Logistics Company requested the court to seal up and freeze the property of the respondent Weimar Company and Weimar Company worth 76.52 million yuan. The court held that Anji Zhixing Logistics Company’s application was in compliance with the law and was ruled to be executed.

However, it is noteworthy that Weimar Automotive Technology (Sichuan) Co., Ltd. has recently undergone a number of industrial and commercial changes, with its registered capital increased from 170 million yuan to 520 million yuan, its legal representative, executive director and manager changed from Freeman Shen to Wei Wei, and Mianyang Anzhou Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. became the new shareholder of the company. I wonder if the blessing of the state-owned party will bring a new situation to Weimar Automobile?

4. Or introduce new models, and expose the product planning of GAC Toyota.

On December 21st, the fifth plant of GAC Toyota New Energy Vehicle was officially put into operation, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 vehicles. Then on December 26th, GAC Toyota officially reached the milestone of annual output of 1 million units. A few days ago, some domestic media exposed the production plan of the fifth factory. The 200,000 new cars in the new factory are all new energy products. In addition to the confirmed pure electric medium-sized SUV bZ4X, there will be brand-new SUVs and MPV models.

According to Toyota’s recent product planning, the SUV model may be the Grand Highlander which will be launched in February next year. The MPV model is still mysterious, because there is no pure electric MPV product in Toyota’s planning. In addition, the sixth plant of GAC Toyota may also be planned, and it is expected to start construction in 2023 and officially put into production in 2025.

5. Land Rover Defender Special Edition sold 898,000, and 130 pre-sold 1.198 million.

2023 is the 75th anniversary of the Land Rover brand. To celebrate this milestone, Land Rover launched the legendary version of the 75th anniversary of Defender, and the prices of the two models were 898,000 yuan and 958,000 yuan respectively. This car continues the design of the ordinary version and introduces the iconic Grassmill green to commemorate the Land Rover Series I launched in 1948.

At the same time, the Guardian 130 also started the pre-sale, offering two models with optional extended light kit and off-road kit, with a pre-sale price of 1.198 million yuan. The new car can be regarded as an extended version of the 110, with a length of 5100mm and a wheelbase of 3022mm, and an eight-seat layout of 2+3+3 is adopted in the car. The power is equipped with a power combination of 3.0T six-cylinder double supercharged engine and +48V light mixing.

6. Starway Eta Ursae Majoris made its debut and started blind booking.

Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris officially appeared and opened a blind subscription, with a price range of 170,000-220,000 yuan. The new car is based on Starway M3X Mars Architecture 2.0, with a length of 4781mm and a wheelbase of 2815mm, and is positioned as a medium-sized SUV. In terms of appearance, the grid with borderless style, the through LED strip and the dot-matrix light groups in the fog lights on both sides increase the recognition of the whole vehicle. From the side of the car body, a sporty coupe SUV shape is adopted. A large number of horizontal lines are used at the rear of the car, and the penetrating taillights further stretch the visual width of the tail.

The interior design is simple and fashionable, equipped with a 24.6-inch curved dual screen, built-in Qualcomm 8155 intelligent cockpit chip and Horizon J3 driver-assisted chip, which supports functions such as WHUD, ARHUD and 50W mobile phone charging. The power is equipped with a 2.0T engine and matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

7. Weilai will sell more than Lexus next year.

Li Bin, the founder and chairman of Weilai, said in an exclusive interview with the media in Weilai, 2022 that 2023 will be the year when the sales of the second-generation platform will be released, and three new cars will be released next year. It is expected that the overall sales potential of the second-generation platform will be seen in the fourth quarter of next year. The internal sales target for next year is to exceed the sales of Lexus fuel vehicles. Qin Lihong, president of Weilai, said that there was "little pressure" to achieve this goal.

The data shows that from January to November this year, Weilai Automobile delivered a total of 106,700 new cars. Lexus’s performance has declined this year, with a cumulative sales volume of 168,600 vehicles from January to November. There is a gap of more than 60,000 vehicles between them. Judging from the sales volume of 227,000 vehicles of Lexus in China in 2021, the sales volume of Weilai Automobile will reach 19,000 vehicles at least every month. Weilai has obvious advantages among competitors at the same level, and has attracted a large number of loyal fans. As for whether Li Bin’s statement that "the sales volume will definitely exceed the sales volume of Lexus fuel vehicles next year" can be achieved, we may wish to wait and see.

8. Two-door and four-seat layout, Geely Panda mini will be unveiled soon.

We learned from the official that Geely Panda mini will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which will open on December 30th. As a brand-new micro electric vehicle, the new car is small and cute, and it is more cute with a round headlight group. In terms of size, the length of the car is 3065mm, the wheelbase is 2015mm, and the layout of two doors and four seats is adopted. According to the application information, the car will be equipped with a 30kW motor and a lithium iron phosphate battery provided by Guoxuan Hi-Tech, with a pure electric cruising range of about 200 kilometers.

The market segment of mini pure trams has become another strategic goal of various car companies. As for whether Geely Panda Mini can be recognized by the market, it depends on whether it can match the price range accepted by consumers.

Xcar English improvement class 6 is not as careful as pickup truck

  [Original by Aika Car Vision Channel]

  Today, with the vigorous development of the automobile industry, the annual sales volume of one model is extremely amazing: according to the average annual sales volume of 2 million vehicles, one vehicle can be sold every 15 seconds on average; If it is lined up end to end, it can circle the earth 300 times, and this is only the number it sells in a year! This is "Pick-up/Truck".

  Today, there are several famous brands that constitute the "main force" of pickup truck models: F- series, Sliverado/Colorado (Sored/(|)), Ram series, Tacoma/Tundra (smooth road) and so on. What makes "Pick-up" popular all over the world and occupy a huge market share? Let’s walk into this issue of Xcar English Improvement Class.

Topic map

  Whether the product is good or not depends on the sales volume.

  According to the practice of previous upgrading classes, we will first introduce the development and history of the models. But in this issue, I will start with sales volume, explore the origin and development of pickup truck culture, and boldly predict that pickup truck models will eventually become "popular" in the new socialist modern countryside.

American car sales

American car sales

  Why do Americans love pickups so much? This will start from the 1920s. In the initial period of automobile manufacturing, vehicles were sold in the form of Separate chassis and body (chassis and body of non-loaded body structure are two parts). From the production of cars to the hands of consumers, a third party is responsible for the assembly of vehicle shells.

Pickup truck

  "Pick up" means "pick up" in English, which means it is convenient to load or unload goods. Therefore, the "bucket" vehicle is gradually called "Pick-up" (pickup truck is its transliteration). And "Truck" generally refers to large transport vehicles (but the basic name is personal habits).

Pickup truck

Pickup truck

  Since the 1950s, pickup trucks have gradually become an important production tool for American post-war economic recovery. Chevrolet El, Chevrolet Camino and Dodge Sweptine gradually entered people’s homes in the form of tool carts.

Pickup truck

  In 1963, the Protectionist Chicken Tax (referred to as "chicken tax") enacted by the United States to protect local automobile enterprises limited the dumping momentum of imported freight vehicles. Therefore, there has been a phenomenon that "every household buys a domestic pickup truck" in the United States, and the first car of many Americans is a pickup truck.

Pickup truck

Pickup truck

  Even so, pickup trucks have been criticized for a series of shortcomings, such as large displacement, "gas tiger", poor riding experience and no shape design. However, American pickup trucks played a role in the recovery of the national economy in World War II, and it was the "hero" for the United States to quickly become the world’s largest economy after the war.

Raptor 2017

2017 Raptor


The list of the top 100 beautiful women in the world in 2023 was announced! Asian actresses such as Gulnazar and the live-action Little Mermaid were selected.

Original title: The list of the top 100 beautiful women in the world in 2023 was announced! Asian actresses such as Gulnazar and the live-action Little Mermaid were selected.

Recently, the American film website "TCCandler" released the list of the top 100 most beautiful actresses in 2023. There are many Asian actresses on this list, most of whom are from Korean women’s groups. In this list, Nancy, a Korean mixed-race child of MOMOLAND, won the championship and was also the first post-00 actress to win the championship. The runner-up was won by Dasha Taran, a Russian online celebrity model, while the third runner-up belonged to Sana Sana, a Japanese member of Korean group TWICE. This list shows the beauty and charm of women all over the world. Let’s take a look at these beautiful women!

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Asia-Africa World Cup competition: the group advanced and the number of semi-finals tied, and Africa won by one advantage.

In the history of the World Cup, the bipolar status of Europe and South America is unshakable. At present, all the World Cup champions come from these two regions, while teams from other continents, not to mention winning the championship, have not even stepped on the final venue yet. Relatively speaking, Asia and Africa are relatively close. There are more countries in both continents, and the number of World Cup places is similar. Africa has five and Asia has 4.5. That is to say, if Asian teams are lucky, winning the transcontinental play-offs will make the number of Asian and African teams in the World Cup the same.

So, who has the better World Cup performance in Asia and Africa in history?

Of course, we don’t need to calculate the total score or total goal data of all Asian teams and African teams in history, just look at the results of key nodes. Specifically, look at the teams on two continents, the number of times the group advanced, and the best results.

In these two aspects, Asia and Africa actually tied.

Historically, both Asian teams and African teams have been promoted 11 times. Of course, it needs to be said here that Asia in football refers to the AFC, so Australia is also counted as an Asian team.

Let’s list the specific situation below. In the history of the World Cup, African teams promoted by the group included Morocco in 1986, Cameroon in 1990, Nigeria in 1994, Nigeria in 1998, Senegal in 2002, Ghana in 2006, Ghana in 10 years, Nigeria and Algeria in 14 years and Senegal and Morocco in 22 years. A total of 11 times.

As for Asian teams, Japan has four times, South Korea has three times, North Korea and Saudi Arabia each once, and Australia twice. It happened to be 11 times. I am ashamed to say that this data, if Australia did not join the AFC from Oceania, then Asian teams actually lagged behind African teams.

Let’s look at the best results. Originally, South Korea reached the semi-finals in the 2002 World Cup and won the fourth place, which was once the unattainable achievement of second-rate teams such as Asia and Africa. But FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and Morocco have also achieved this. And to tell the truth, Morocco, the fourth place, is more convincing than South Korea in those days. Everyone knows this, and there is no need to start talking about it.

Therefore, in terms of the best results of the World Cup, Asia and Africa also tied.

So, which side of the world cup is better? There is a data that Africa is dominant, and with this data, we can say that African teams have higher ceilings and stronger ability to work miracles than Asian teams.

In fact, the data of the previous group promotion times is very general. After all, reaching the top 16 and reaching the top four are both group qualifying, but the gap between these two results is not small. So we might as well break it down again-the number of times we scored in the top eight.

In this regard, Africa is far better than Asia. Because Cameroon in 1990, Senegal in 2002 and Ghana in 10 years all reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup, and the number of quarterfinals was three times. What about Asia? It is still zero.

It should be noted that in the 1966 World Cup, North Korea reached the quarter-finals, but at that time, the World Cup was only 16 teams. Therefore, the quarter-finals of North Korea should be strictly called the first round of the knockout round, but it is actually the same level as the next sixteen. You know, Cameroon, Senegal and Ghana reached the second round of the knockout round, so North Korea, the quarter-finals, is not included in this data.

In today’s scale, reaching the quarter-finals means that the group will go further than the group. If it’s a miracle to beat the Asian and African teams into the knockout stage, then the miracle of the quarter-finals is certainly higher than the miracle of the quarter-finals. In fact, if we take away the controversial semi-final result of South Korea in 2002, we will find that the upper limit of Asian teams in the World Cup is not high, and the best result so far is the first round of elimination. So at this point, there is still a gap between Asian teams and African teams.

Of course, judging from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022’s performance, Asian teams seem to be better than African teams. I hope there will be an Asian team in the future that can break through the long-standing ceiling.