Wu Mengda: After 100 years of performance, I hope the audience can still remember me

1905 movie network feature At the premiere press conference, Wu Mengda picked up his guitar and sang "Kiss Goodbye" on the stage, recreating the classic scenes of the old version of "Oolong Courtyard".

He was still in his exuberant, funny and nonsensical appearance. What had changed was that he was now a white-haired old man who was nearly 70 years old. It was even more hard to imagine that a few years ago, he had been repeatedly reported to have died due to rapid heart failure.


At the end of the press conference, Wu Mengda’s 45-year role collection appeared on the big screen, which was really a wave of memories full of feelings. He said on the stage that he was grateful to the audience for their willingness to give him a meal. Acting is the greatest meaning of his survival. He will not retire and will play for another 50 years!

After the press conference, Uncle Da accepted our exclusive interview, and he once again talked about how much he loves performing.


"I can’t live without my acting, and I love acting very much. Many people ask me, I’m almost 70, why do you love acting? Although I was sick a few years ago and my heart was not good, I have been following movies and the development of Chinese movies. I really like being an actor. In fact, I can be a director or a backstage very early, but I just don’t want to go."

Yes, 65-year-old Uncle Da will continue to play.


"The mainland has a lot of room, and Hong Kong people can’t make deep comedies"

In the early 1990s, Wu Mengda and Chow Xingchi were so popular in Taiwan that they attracted the attention of the director Zhu Yanping. He traveled from Taiwan to Hong Kong to find Wu Mengda, which led to their first collaboration -.

Stills from "Truant"

Zhu Yanping is Taiwan’s version of "Wang Jing", and the production speed is fast enough to release up to five films a year. Wu Mengda never even saw Lin Zhiying from the beginning to the end of the filming of "truancy". It took only four and a half days to film all his scenes.


"I was startled, and the effect was pretty good."After that, Wu Mengda collaborated with Zhu Yanping again. This was their second collaboration, and it also launched the "Oolong Academy" series of films that became popular in the video hall era.

"Laughing Forest Kid 2: New Oolong Courtyard" stills

"Oolong Court" was launched that year, in Taiwan whirlwind won 100 million Taiwan dollars box office, breaking records."There were a lot of Hong Kong dramas in Taiwan back then, and I was almost the one who broke the record.", Wu Mengda recalled,"But the’Oolong Courtyard ‘I played with Hao Xiwen and Shi Xiaolong ranked first, higher than my cooperation with Zhou Xingchi!"


The next year, they struck while the iron was hot and then pushed the sequel, which was a big hit. Not only in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, but also in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other South East Asia regions, as long as the TV station aired, the audience ratings were very high.

"Invincible R-Star" stills

More than 20 years later, the Chinese film landscape has changed dramatically, and going north to co-produce is the general trend. At this time, the "Oolongyuan" series has ushered in the third installment. In the face of the current market context, we must first face such questions: Is it selling feelings, is it frying cold rice?


Uncle Da explained it like this."Although it is old wine in a new bottle, every movie must have its new creation and new classic every time."In his eyes, "a movie is a huge dream factory, and it is fun to have constant creativity with the changes of the times."

So, in "New Oolong Courtyard", where is Uncle Da’s "fun"?

This time, he is no longer playing the old version of the big brother who is infatuated and honest, but the abbot of the Oolong Hospital, Master Changmei. This character is an Internet celebrity live streaming host in the play, who picks up his mobile phone from time to time to engage in live broadcasts. Uncle Da is very interested in these new and popular things. Douyin, Kuaishou, he said he understands it now.

The other was a re-creation of a series of characters. "In the past, when he was in his prime, he played the role of the eldest senior brother who was confused and pretended to be smart. He didn’t know anything, so he pretended to be great.


Therefore, we can see such a Wu Mengda in the movie, which is also the Wu Mengda we are most familiar with: from beginning to end, he looks smiling, and when he is angry, he should also smile.

Zhu Yanping, Wu Mengda, and Hao Xiwen were the old version of the team, and the new version added mainland comedians such as Wang Ning, Kong Lianshun, and Song Xiaobao. Happy Twist + Wanhe Tianyi + Benshan Media, the IP of "New Oolong Courtyard" almost brought together the most popular and down-to-earth comedy team in the Chinese film industry.


Uncle Da said that he had been following Northeast comedians for a long time and was deeply impressed by "Country Love". He was very familiar with Zhao Si and Xie Dazu.

He believes that there is no difference between Hong Kong comedy, Taiwanese comedy and mainland comedy, and the language of comedy is common all over the world. "The best thing about comedy is that it doesn’t even need dialogue, it may be just a look. Like Charlie Chaplin, in an era without dialogue, it is performed by body language. This is the most lovely and precious aspect of comedy."


As an important member of the once glorious era of Hong Kong comedy, he also lamented in the face of the decline of Hong Kong films:


"Our Chinese mainland now has a lot of space, everything is more advanced than Hong Kong, and the production cost is higher than Hong Kong. The whole market is thousands of times larger than Hong Kong, tens of thousands of times. Hong Kong is too small, and what we know is limited to Hong Kong culture, real history, classical culture. In fact, we Hong Kong people are not very deep in it. So we have always emphasized making commercial films,Those more in-depth comedies and dramas cannot be filmed by Hong Kong people."


"At the craziest time, I read a script 200 times"

In 1973, Wu Mengda applied for the Hong Kong TVB artist training class. The reason for applying for the exam was that he felt very handsome. Of course, his mother’s strong encouragement was also the main reason. After that, he entered the training class with Zhou Yun-fat, Lin Lingdong and others.


After graduation, Wu Mengda and Zhou Yun-fa worked together as extras. It was not until the TV series "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang" that he first tasted the popularity of "Hu Tiehua". On the contrary, Zhou Yun-fa, because of his height, could only continue to play tricks on the set.

Wu Mengda played "Hu Tiehua" in "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang"

Soon after his debut, Wu Mengda became a big hit, and during that period, he was completely bloated. He spent every day with his boss, and he described his life at that time as "gambling, smoking, alcohol, and women." The result of erosion was that he owed a lot of debt and was frozen by TVB for four years.


There was no drama to shoot, and when he was at his worst, he only had money left to buy a pack of cigarettes. He once thought of suicide. Even his junior brother Du Qifeng criticized him at that time as "a piece of mud that can’t support the wall".


After experiencing ups and downs, we must also usher in a change of heart.

Wu Mengda used this time to immerse himself in acting. He watched movies, read books, and studied scripts. After that, he finally turned around with "Sequel to Senior Brother Xinja".


He starred in the drama as an instructor opposite Tony Leung. According to him, there was a two-page play that he watched 200 times just to play when he reprimanded Tony Leung in the play"The mouth is scolding him, but the eyes are hurting him"The feeling.

"The Sequel to the New Zha Senior Brother" plays with Tony Leung

"200 times", Wu Mengda mentioned "200 times" again in this interview.

"Every play, every line of dialogue, I may have watched more than 50 times. In the craziest time before, I watched it 200 times.Why did I watch it for so long? Do I have a bad memory? No. Basically watching it five or six times, I can remember most of it, but I have to keep interpreting it from other angles, so I have to keep reading the script and keep giving it more vitality. "

Now, he has developed a habit of reading the script carefully the night before filming, and not bringing the script to the scene on the day of filming. He said that when he was filming "New Oolong Academy", when he worked with Zhou Xingchi in the past, he was even more, "It’s not for the camera, it’s not for the plot, and it’s not for the dialogue. I just eat it all, and then see what can spark each other on the scene, play some fun with the opponent, play tricks on the object, and suddenly come, and the opponent can’t react."


The collaboration with Stephen Chow began with "He Came From the Jianghu" and "Hero of the World". At that time, they were father, son and mentor in the play, and they were neighbors who lived across the street outside the play. They were brothers who always discussed performances together in the car before going to the set.

"He Came From The World" Stills

"Gambling Saint" was their true starting point, and likewise, they also achieved "Gambling Saint".


In the movie, Wu Mengda was mistakenly beaten by Zhou Xingchi. He was wearing women’s clothes while foaming at the mouth and saying, "It’s alright", "Then let’s go". This funny scene is his temporary design. There is also the classic image of "Third Uncle". When Zhou Xingchi shouted "Third Uncle", he had a seizure like a convulsion, and his whole body trembled. This is not groundless, but his own performance style, and he also named it "Congenital Uncontrolled Disorder".

"Gambling Saint" stills

With improvisation and tacit cooperation, they have crossed the world in one song and one relaxation, becoming the most classic screen partner in Hong Kong film history.


In the eyes of the public, Wu Mengda may be the "little follower" next to Zhou Xingchi in the movie. Since the movie, he has hardly played a male lead. He doesn’t mind the light and heavy scenes at all."I treat the protagonist and the supporting actor the same, and I pay the same. I won’t say that the protagonist is more nervous or that I will play the supporting role casually. No, absolutely not."


Some time ago, he made another cameo appearance in a big movie "Sir Wei", where he played Hai Gong again. In the TV series "Xiaobao and Kangxi" and the movie "Lu Ding Ji Ji", Wu Mengda has played Hai Dafu twice, both of which are funny and crazy. This time, he seems to be reinterpreting in the opposite direction of insidious and fierce.

"Hai Dafu" in "Lu Ding Ji"

"Comedy, farce, tragedy, drama, I have filmed all kinds of dramas, what else can I do?"He said that he didn’t want to do repetitions, but he had no choice but to play too many roles. Even if it was a new production, a reenactment, or a cameo, he believed that there was still a lot of scope and space to complete better performances.

"Sorry for not acting 

And influence me the most "

Uncle Da was very honest, saying that he really couldn’t do without acting, and even when he was hospitalized and sick before, he was concerned about the movie and the set.


"I keep wanting to act, and I keep hoping to create, which will make me younger. Living in the film and television industry, there is a group of people who accompany you to play and chat every day, and respect you very much. This is the greatest pleasure in life, and it is also the job I like."


When it comes to the most satisfying roles, he listed four:The third uncle in "Gambling Saint", Li Sucan’s father, Hai Dafu in "Lu Ding Ji", and Taibao in "Heaven Ruoyou Love".


He has created a lot of classic comedy roles, but so far, it is this tragic little character in "Heaven Ruoyou" that has won him the only Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

"If there is love in the sky" stills

Similarly, in this interview, we also found a Wu Mengda who is completely different from the stereotype of "comedian".


He said that the biggest regret in his life was not being in "The Wrong Ride," and that he wanted to play the sad, mute father so much. In his opinion, the performances of the movie version of Sun Yue and the TV version of Li Xuejian are great, but from the body language to the eye details, he believes that there is a different way of acting from them.


In 2006, in the variety show "Operation Style", he passed the addiction of "Riding the Wrong Car". But it was just a small segment of the show’s acting, and he had to get into the play and get lost in it. Although his easy-to-put acting skills were not realized in the "Riding the Wrong Car", they were in "Heaven If You Love", and later football coaches, more visible.

Wu Mengda performed "The Wrong Ride" in a variety show.

The movies that influenced him the most were not comedies, but Chen Kaige’s "Yellow Earth" and Hou Xiaoxian’s "Love and Dust"."I’ve watched these two more than 50 times, and they both have videotapes. I watch them almost every day when I have time, and learn something from them."


Two literary films, two literary films with the same sense of loneliness.


"If you don’t like it or worry, what are you singing?"In the dialogue in "The Yellow Earth", he said he would always remember it."That tone is really lonely and wandering, but it will hit your heart. The whole atmosphere is too painful."


And "Love the Wind and Dust", born in Xiamen, he may have aroused his memories and nostalgia for southern Fujian in the local atmosphere of this Taiwanese film.


I watched Uncle Da’s "congenital disorder" in comedy movies, but I forgot that he was so calm and peaceful in the audience, and even willing to embrace loneliness and loneliness.

"Stephen Chow’s golden partner" and "the all-purpose supporting actor of Hong Kong movies," Wang Jing also described him as "a good actor who can act in big comedies and big tragedies, and a really good actor with acting skills." Some people even said that he is "China’s Morgan Freeman."


"In 50 years, in 100 years, how do you want the audience to evaluate you?"


At the end of the interview, we threw this life summary question to him, and he quickly put away his smiling face, thought for a few seconds and said,"I hope the audience can still remember me, I hope the audience still has the impression of’Wu Mengda ‘"


As soon as he finished speaking, he asked again without reason."Huh? 50 years from now, 100 years from now, I’ll still be here, ask again then!"


After calming down, he laughed and teased again. Well, this is Wu Mengda.


Photo/Yang Nan

Video/Teacher Meow

Why the dispute between BYD and DMI/DMP is so big, the in-depth analysis is mainly as follows.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to today’s talk about cars by Da Li. I’m your old driver Da Li, and it’s time for Da Li to talk about cars with everyone. I believe everyone has seen the news about BYD DMI/DMP recently. I find that there is a lot of controversy. Some people are optimistic, while others are pessimistic. So what about BYD’s new car? Today, let’s have a brief talk. By the way, let’s talk about my personal views. First of all, I’m not a navy. I express my views objectively.Fasten your seat belt, let’s start ~

Before we talk about our opinions, let’s take a brief look at some basic data of BYD DMI/DMP. We won’t say much about the appearance. We can’t grasp everyone’s preferences. Let’s talk about the internal aspects. In terms of configuration, the whole system comes standard with the main and co-pilot airbags, front and rear side airbags, front and rear head air curtains, knee airbags, active braking, pedestrian protection, fatigue driving tips and HUD display, which can be said to be very safe. Of course, the high-profile models also have Dana stereo, 12 speakers, seat ventilation and heating, eight-way adjustment of the main driver’s seat, six-way adjustment of the co-pilot seat, atmosphere lights, etc. Of course, there is a 15.6-inch eight nuclear adaptive. Of course, although the DMP of 320,000 yuan is more expensive, the luxurious performance configurations such as 3.7 seconds and zero acceleration, top-class braking system, brand-new aluminum alloy sports chassis, 80kw fast charging, electronically controlled active suspension, and wide temperature range heat pump air conditioner are still very valuable.

After introducing the configuration, let me talk about why everyone’s controversy is so great, because it is so excellent that it brings together three groups of users who should not intersect. These three groups are like Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, that is, they speak their own words and have certain origins.
The first category is to pay attention to saving fuel and money.
The second category values high configuration.
The third category focuses on the acceleration performance.

The concerns and budget expectations of the three groups of people are different, and it is inevitable that they will say their own words. I think some people predict that this car will definitely be finished, because the pricing failure will lead to the inability to sell. But let’s put it this way, the 15 models of Tang Dynasty were priced at 279,800 yuan six years ago. At that time, there were subsidies in all regions. If they were won, it would be about 210,000 yuan, with a monthly sales volume of 3,000 yuan. I can say for sure that many of them are now priced at the same high price as those of Tang Dynasty. Why do you have a domestic SUV that exceeds 200,000 yuan? However, the configuration and performance of Tang Dynasty at that time can directly compete with a million-class SUV. Moreover, BYD has also launched a limited edition of 500,000 4.3 or 4.1-second sports versions, all of which are bought for senior Difen to play.

Therefore, the value of this car is different in your eyes with different concerns. I value acceleration performance, and 3.7 seconds is worth 500,000 yuan. You value fuel economy, but of course you ignore the value of 500,000 yuan. So although there are many arguments, don’t you see the sales of Han? Because some people in these three groups will choose this car after rational analysis, even if half of them give up, the three halves are also 1.5 times.

Finally, Da Li talks about the epoch-making significance of this car: that is, raising the pure electric mileage to 202/242 has made the vehicle qualitatively changed. Under the condition that it can go home to charge every day, it will be a pure tram. When you need go on road trip or go back to your hometown for long-distance use, he won’t have any anxiety. Even when you are in the high-speed service area, you can recharge it during your break. I believe many consumers have thought about these usage scenarios, which can really greatly reduce the cost of car use. At present, there are thousands of pieces of DC fast charge provided by the third party in the market, but the power is also very low. The key is that the battery itself is not big enough, and it can’t run far after charging with pure electricity. But now I have given it all to you. The use cost will be greatly reduced with a bigger battery and faster DC charging power. I think many tram owners should cast envious eyes on these consumers who choose BYD Han DM (parameter picture) I/DMP.

What do you think of BYD Han DMI/DMP?Welcome to share different opinions.Well, that’s all for Da Li today. Thank you for your patience. Friends who like it can pay attention and praise. Your support is my greatest motivation. Let’s continue to talk about cars later.

Celestial’s leading safety technology helps AITO reach the top of sales of new M7 models.

In the third week of 2024, AITO asked the world that the new M7 topped the sales list of China brand SUV with an excellent result of 7,000 units per week, surpassing a number of old-fashioned hot-selling models. Recently, AITO M9, which was listed on the market, has also achieved brilliant results, and has accumulated more than 30,000 awards since its listing. Behind the continuous sales of AITO series, it is inseparable from the service of Kailisi Automobile to users wholeheartedly, and it also works hard where users can’t see it.

As a whole, cars are becoming more and more intelligent. While users enjoy the convenience brought by human-computer interaction and intelligent technology, the privacy and data security in cars are becoming more and more important. Celestial Auto has developed the "Full Scene Smart Security System", which has comprehensively touched nine major vehicle security fields, providing users with all-round protection. Network and data security, which are often overlooked by users, are also key areas to be covered.

Privacy protection is upgraded again

Users’ privacy is often leaked inadvertently. For this car, all the permissions are known and controllable to minimize the risk. When the car application requests permissions such as microphone, camera and geographical location, the system will prompt immediately. Users can independently authorize or close each right at any time to ensure that personal privacy is accurately protected, meet users’ intelligent needs, and prevent users’ personal information from leaking.

Not only do you always remind me, but Celestial Motors also equipped a more reliable privacy shield for AITO’s M9, allowing users to refuse outside snooping with one button, and turn on the flight mode to completely turn off the camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and sentry mode, so as to completely isolate outside data snooping or intelligent system intrusion and provide unbreakable privacy protection.

Many people in the same car have no worries

For the scene of multi-user using vehicles, Sailis Automobile has realized "user data isolation", and used financial 3D face authentication technology to realize personalized adjustment according to the settings of corresponding accounts, so as to ensure that personal data can be effectively protected when multi-users use vehicles. Furthermore, the data in the car can be desensitized with one button, and the system intelligently identifies the scene of multiple people in the same car and automatically triggers the privacy mode. In the privacy mode, the incoming call notification is blocked, and only incoming call information is presented on the instrument screen. At the same time, the main driver’s call and navigation history are intelligently desensitized, and the system automatically exits the privacy mode only when the driver is driving alone.

Celestial Auto has also innovatively designed a "one-click clearing" function, which makes vehicle transactions more convenient and secure. Users can also delete personal data in the cloud through AITO APP to ensure that personal privacy is managed flexibly and efficiently. The overall design of the system completely eliminates the worries of personal privacy data disclosure, and also makes it more convenient, safe and reliable for multiple users to share vehicles.

Authoritative professional certification

At present, AITO M9 has successfully obtained CAERI’s information security and data security certification. The acquisition of this certification is not only the authoritative recognition of the safety of AITO M9, but also the embodiment of Celestial’s unremitting pursuit of Excellence, ensuring the highest level of user data protection.

Whether it’s daily driving or privacy protection, for every safety link, Sailis will make the most careful consideration for users. As Zhang Xinghai, the chairman (founder) of Sailis Automobile, said: "Sailis Automobile will be determined to innovate in technology, innovate products and services with leading technology, define cars with software, and serve customers wholeheartedly."

Great Wall Motor released the "331 Strategy" of coffee smart driving, and joined hands with Qualcomm and Huawei to comprehensively upgrade the smart driving strategy.

  On December 30th, Great Wall Motor (601633) held an intelligent driving strategy upgrade conference, which unveiled the mystery of coffee intelligent driving and announced that it would realize the first full-vehicle redundant L3 automatic driving in China in 2021. At the event site, Great Wall Motor also formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Qualcomm and Huawei, and plans to carry out in-depth cooperation on in-vehicle smart chips and high-computing intelligent driving computing platforms to expand the ecological circle of intelligent driving industry.

  It is reported that Coffee Smart Drive will be given priority on WEY brand products, and other brands of Great Wall Motor will be carried in the second half of 2021.

  On the day of the conference, the share price of Great Wall Motor (601633) closed at 37.18 yuan/share, an increase of 9.39%, and the company’s market value exceeded 341.2 billion yuan.

  Zhang Kai, the person in charge of intelligent driving of Great Wall Motor, said that the intelligent driving of coffee will be a strong support for the development of Great Wall Motor into a global technology travel company, and will also be a powerful booster for the development of Great Wall Motor.

  What is the origin of coffee smart driving?

  One day in the future, when more advanced autonomous driving scale is applied, can people let go of the steering wheel and enjoy a cup of coffee leisurely in the car during travel? Obviously, this is the most coveted scene of countless companies that are deeply involved in autonomous driving technology, and it is also in line with consumers’ imagination and expectation for autonomous driving technology. Great Wall Motor named its intelligent brand after coffee, hoping to meet consumers’ demand for autonomous driving more humanely.

  In July 2020, Great Wall Motor released its vehicle intelligent brand "Coffee Smart", and put forward the research and development concept of "double intelligence integration" for the first time, combining intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit from the perspective of user experience. As soon as the news was released, the whole industry paid close attention to Great Wall Motor’s future-oriented intelligent driving strategy.

  On December 30, Great Wall Motor officially unveiled the mystery of coffee smart driving, and announced the "331 Strategy", that is, it took three years to achieve the first user scale in the industry, the best user experience evaluation, and the most three leading scenes, and to build a leader in automatic driving in the intelligent era. The reporter of Securities Times and Car Capital learned that in 2021, Great Wall Motor will realize the first L3-level automatic driving with full vehicle redundancy in China.

  It is understood that Coffee Smart Drive has six redundant systems including perception redundancy, controller redundancy, braking redundancy, architecture redundancy, power redundancy and steering redundancy. At the same time, Coffee Smart Drive is also equipped with the world’s first car-class high-performance, all-solid-state laser radar that can be truly mass-produced. It adopts the most advanced FLASH technology scheme in the industry, which can achieve an angular resolution of 0.05 degrees and identify potential safety hazards within 130 meters.

  In terms of application scenarios, Great Wall Motor’s intelligent driving technology can achieve full scene coverage of high-speed and urban expressways, and can complete obstacle avoidance and lane change, multi-vehicle lane change and urban autonomous lane change. At the same time, Great Wall Motor has also made breakthroughs in difficult scenes such as car walking and cone avoidance.

  Not only that, Great Wall Motor also pioneered the only quantitative user experience evaluation method-"user use cost", which realized detailed evaluation and extensive investigation of users through five sub-dimensions of operation cost, awareness cost, safety cost, time cost and money cost. At the same time, the AIFEED function of Coffee Smart Drive can also actively learn and adapt to the user’s driving habits and car scenes through artificial intelligence algorithms, and perceive the user’s car pain points, thus reducing the use cost and maximizing the real needs of users.

  It is reported that in the future, coffee smart driving will be given priority in the WEY brand products, and other brands of Great Wall Motor will also be equipped with coffee smart driving one after another.

  Join hands with Qualcomm and Huawei to expand the ecosystem of intelligent driving industry.

  At the press conference, Great Wall Motor also formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Qualcomm and Huawei.

  It is reported that in the future, Great Wall Motor will cooperate with Qualcomm on in-vehicle smart chips in the field of autonomous driving. Great Wall Motor will take the lead in adopting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Ride platform with powerful performance on its high-end models launched in 2022, and apply it to its intelligent driving system.

  Ai Hezhi, senior director of product marketing of Qualcomm and head of automobile business in China, said that Qualcomm will work with Great Wall Motor to build high-quality models that can reassure consumers.

  The cooperation between the Great Wall and Huawei is more focused on the innovative technology level of intelligent network connection and intelligent driving. It is reported that Huawei will provide Great Wall Motor with a high computing power intelligent driving computing platform based on MDC, and actively cooperate with Great Wall Motor to complete various evaluations and tests of sensing components (such as lidar, camera, etc.) required for intelligent driving.

  The Securities Times and Car Capital reporter learned that this cooperation with Great Wall Motor is Huawei MDC 610, a new generation of intelligent driving computing platform for L3-L4 automatic driving, to build an industry-leading car brain for Great Wall Motor.

  Wang Juan, vice president of Huawei’s smart car solution BU Marketing and Sales Service Department, said that Great Wall Motor will become a high-quality leader and lead more car companies into the field of smart driving.

  In fact, after big data, artificial intelligence, Internet and other technologies gradually penetrate into the automobile industry, no enterprise can go it alone. Industry insiders have judged that the strong alliance between Great Wall Motor and Qualcomm and Huawei will not only achieve win-win cooperation in different fields, but also further expand its intelligent driving industry ecosystem, laying a solid foundation for Great Wall Motor’s globalization strategy.


Foundation has its own skin care effect, and "combination of makeup and care" has become a new trend of beauty makeup.

  Even after the impact of the epidemic, the domestic cosmetics market still maintained a growing trend. The business data center of the financial media CBN recently released a survey on cosmetics consumption. The report showed that the field of cosmetics showed a trend of personalization and skin care with data: the consumption scale of skin care cosmetics increased more than six times in three years, while the proportion of skin care makeup was over 90%, among which BB cream /CC cream had the highest growth rate. Among consumers’ demands for the efficacy of skin care cosmetics, moisturizing is the core demand, and herbs, ancient prescriptions and essence are the main publicity points of skin care cosmetics. "Combination of makeup and nourishing" has become a new trend of makeup consumption. On the one hand, consumers’ promotion of skin care requires that products can achieve skin care effect while maintaining beauty; On the other hand, make-up brands try to combine their functions through continuous product innovation and research and development.


  Taking the legendary light and soft focus liquid foundation as an example, the functions of liquid foundation and skin cream are combined through product development and ingredient collocation. According to the feedback from users, this product has a good hiding power. After application, it can hide the true color of skin and give users an ideal complexion. It can also hide tiny flaws, and the whole makeup feels natural and shiny. Consumers are very satisfied with this effect. After a day’s experience, you will also find that the whole makeup is very durable, and it will be very docile after being applied to the skin, and there will be no makeup removal; In addition, the legendary light-transparent soft focus liquid foundation in this life has strong ductility and fine powder quality, and the embarrassing phenomenon of "powder sticking" has almost never appeared.


  Many consumers think that this liquid foundation has no heavy and greasy feeling after use, especially after cleansing, and there is no obvious tension on the facial skin. This is because Legend has been light in this life and has its own maintenance function. Its herbal makeup, which is more suitable for orientals, makes the skin’s day’s work stress-free. For example, its rich ganoderma lucidum stem extract can enhance the metabolism of skin cells and improve the skin protection function; The extract of Grifola frondosa fruiting body can enhance the moisturizing ability of cells; Mushroom mycelium extract is rich in biological enzymes, which can enhance the skin barrier and help nutrient transformation and absorption. Based on the above herbal ingredients, it is said that this life is light and transparent, which protects the skin, conceals the blemishes and beautifies the skin, and achieves the effect of being light and transparent.


  With its excellent product strength, the legendary light-transparent soft focus liquid foundation has become a highly recommended item for many platform beauty experts once it is listed, and its excellent use experience has made fans "plant grass". Looking at the development of the whole makeup industry, we can see that consumers’ concept of skin care is changing, their knowledge of ingredients and efficacy is deepened, their trust in professional doctors is improved, and their awareness of scientific skin care is enhanced. They need personalized makeup to express themselves, and at the same time pay attention to the integration of makeup and nourishing to reduce the burden on the skin. In this process, beauty brands such as Legend Life continue to exert their efforts in quality upgrading, technological innovation and channel assistance, and constantly push the industry forward.

Ministry of Finance: In 2020, a total of 333.951 billion yuan of lottery tickets will be sold nationwide.

  Cctv newsAccording to the data of the Ministry of Finance, in 2020, the national lottery sales totaled 333.951 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 88.103 billion yuan or 20.9%. Among them, the sales of welfare lottery institutions was 144.488 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 46.750 billion yuan; The sales of sports lottery institutions reached 189.463 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 41.352 billion yuan.

Various localities have introduced night economic development policies to further promote consumption growth.

  [Economic Interface]

  Under the night, the city is brightly lit. The bustling pedestrian street, the people coming and going are not tired; The theater and theater of the night show, the audience is in high spirits; Bar party, friends dinner … … With the enrichment of people’s nightlife, the fiery "night economy" began to release its great potential.

  At present, China’s nighttime economy is on the rise, and all localities have seized the opportunity to launch policies to encourage nighttime economic development and further promote urban consumption growth. In this process, how to highlight the cultural characteristics of the city, improve the supporting management level of the city, and innovate the diversified night economic formats has become a "proposition" worth thinking about.

  1. Rich "nightlife" releases residents’ consumption potential.

  Today, the traditional way of life of sunrise and sunset has gradually gone away, and night shopping, catering, tourism, leisure and entertainment, cultural consumption and so on constitute a prosperous and growing night economy.

  The change of young people’s lifestyle makes them the "main force" of night consumption. China tourism academy’s research data shows that "post-80s" and "post-90s" account for 40.0% and 19.8% of night tourism consumption respectively. For young people, after a busy day’s work, night is the best time to relieve stress and relax — — Midnight shows of hot movies are often particularly popular; Musicals and theater performances are mostly arranged at night; More and more midnight snack demand has caused many restaurants to adjust their business hours; Theme parks have opened night shows one after another, extending entertainment activities to the night … … These lifestyle changes make night a "golden age" to stimulate economic consumption.

  According to statistics, in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the proportion of night consumption has already accounted for more than 50% of all-day consumption. According to the relevant report of the Ministry of Commerce, 60% of the consumption occurs at night, and the consumption of large shopping malls accounts for more than half of the whole day from 18: 00 to 22: 00 every night. This situation is more obvious on the e-commerce platform that is open 24 hours a day. According to the data from Lexin’s installment mall, the amount of orders placed on this platform from 7: 00 am to 6: 00 am the next day accounts for 36% of the total order amount. Orders are mainly concentrated from 7: 00 pm to 11: 00 pm, but even at the lowest peak of trading at 5: 00 am, 0.3% of users are placing orders, and the average customer unit price at night is about 30% higher than during the day.

  The rise of "Midnight Food Store" has formed a landscape of the city at night, and merchants in special dining areas are open until late at night to meet people’s catering consumption needs for supper and night parties. Bars, KTV, clubs and other places with night activities as their main business have also flourished and become more social leisure and entertainment methods. Tourists have also started "night activities" in addition to traveling during the day — — Embark on the waterfront landscape trail and feel the life culture of the city; Climb the landmark building and enjoy the night lighting of the city; Come to Wenhua Street and Pedestrian Street and feel the local specialties.

  In response to the "night tour" needs of tourists, more and more night tour projects have been launched. The starry summer activities in Gubei Water Town in Beijing, the night tour of Huangpu River in Shanghai, the night tour of the two rivers in Chongqing, the "Datang City that Never Sleeps" in Xi ‘an and the "Lancang River Mekong River Night" in Xishuangbanna are all particularly popular. In recent years, the well-received landscape real-life performance project perfectly combines real-life and lighting, making it a good choice for tourists’ night activities. In 2018, the number of orders for products with the label "Night Tour" increased by 9.0% year-on-year.

  Night economy is becoming an important indicator to measure urban vitality and residents’ quality of life. Fu Yifu, a senior researcher at Suning Financial Research Institute, pointed out that people’s enthusiasm for consumption at night is high, which helps to expand domestic demand and release the consumption potential of residents. At the same time, the night economy has also provided more jobs for urban residents, promoted the growth of related industries, and prompted the city to continuously improve infrastructure, transportation and public services.

  2. Deep integration of night economy and urban culture.

  Night economy is also a window of city life culture. Sanlitun in Beijing, Xintiandi in Shanghai, Qinhuai River in Nanjing and Chunxi Road &hellip in Chengdu; … The bustling nights in these places have become a beautiful business card of a city. Whether it’s the brightly lit "Night Shanghai", the Qinhuai River with a unique classical style, or the Tianjin Quyi with full charm, the nightlife with local cultural characteristics makes people appreciate different urban charm.

  However, people who have traveled through many cities will find that the night economy in most cities in China has not yet formed its own characteristics. Many cities have night markets, but most of them sell similar snacks and souvenirs with similar formats, and there is a problem of homogenization development.

  Dai Bin, president of china tourism academy, pointed out that to develop the night economy, we should fully tap the local night leisure resources and combine our own cultural characteristics to create leisure and entertainment projects, such as cross talk and folk art culture in Tianjin and pingtan culture in Suzhou. The night economy should be deeply integrated with the city’s history and culture, reflect the city’s cultural heritage, build a city’s characteristic brand, and provide differentiated and diversified nightlife for residents and tourists. In the survey of china tourism academy’s demand for tourists’ night tour experience, cultural festivals, visits to cultural sites and other activities are in the forefront, which also shows that the night economy has great room for development in enhancing the advantages of characteristic culture.

  At present, many cities are exploring ways to enhance the economic and cultural connotation at night and shape night experience projects with urban cultural characteristics. In Harbin, colorful ice lanterns make night ice and snow tourism projects become city signs; Guangzhou combines its own night tea culture to promote the development of night leisure catering; In Tianjin, which is near the Haihe River, diversified night consumer brands such as "Night Tour of Haihe River", "Night Appreciation of Tianjin Music" and "Night Purchase of Tianjin Goods" are becoming increasingly popular. In Chengdu, activities such as night tour of Wuhou Temple, Jinsha Sun Festival and night tour of Caotang combine history and life culture. Jinan takes the "old streets and lanes" as an attractive element, and develops "punch-in" attractions such as night folk art performances, cultural museums and workshops for non-genetic inheritors.

  More rich formats of night economy are coming: late-night cinemas, late-night theaters, late-night bookstores, and night shows in music clubs, art galleries and museums, which can meet the spiritual and cultural consumption needs of residents. For example, the "Sleepover Museum" activities launched in Beijing, Changsha, Hangzhou and other places combine summer camps with parent-child tours and are deeply loved by children; Sanlian Taofen Bookstore, which is brightly lit at night, has also become a phenomenal "urban landscape". The development of fun run, fitness, sports and other projects can guide residents to take part in sports activities outside their homes. fun run around the city wall of Xi ‘an has become the best choice for a large number of fun run fans to "warm up".

  3. To be stronger and better is inseparable from standardized development.

  Although the development of night economy in some cities has been quite distinctive, on the whole, the development of night economy in China is still in its infancy. Compared with the growing demand, most areas do not have the conditions and ability to develop the night economy, the consumption scene is relatively scarce, and the night economy format is not rich.

  "At present, the night economy in China’s cities is mainly catering and shopping, and there is still a big gap between enterprises’ related investment and the supply of products and services during the day, which requires guidance and support from relevant policies." Dai Bin pointed out. Zhao Ping, director of the International Trade Research Department of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, believes that China’s nighttime consumption structure needs to be further optimized and gradually upgraded from commodity consumption to service consumption.

  In recent years, seeing the great potential of night economy, various places have launched policy documents to support the development of night economy. Since the end of 2017, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jinan and other cities have successively issued implementation plans to promote the development of night economy, actively laid out functional areas for the development of night economy in cities, and promoted the development of various consumer formats. At the same time, they also introduced measures such as environmental transformation, lighting projects, increasing leisure facilities, and strengthening public service facilities.

  Compared with the booming economy, some local residents are worried about the negative impact of the night economy. For example, in noisy bar streets and other places, noise and light pollution may affect the rest of the surrounding citizens; Whether the management of garbage disposal and food hygiene in the night market can be put in place; There are still many citizens who are worried about hidden dangers in safety and fire protection; People who travel at night may encounter problems such as "difficulty in taking a taxi" and "parking chaos" … … These factors undoubtedly put forward higher requirements for urban management. According to the survey in china tourism academy, among the factors that limit tourists’ night experience, 49.4% respondents are worried about safety and 25.8% are worried about inconvenient traffic at night.

  In this regard, experts pointed out that in addition to the corresponding extension of business hours by merchants, basic supporting facilities and public services also need to be in place, and the joint promotion of various departments such as transportation, fire protection, public security and market supervision is needed. For example, open more night traffic bus lines or extend the bus operation time, appropriately extend the garbage removal time, increase security patrols, strictly supervise food safety and commodity prices, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

  Drawing on the international experience, the policy documents issued by Jinan and Shanghai both put forward the system of establishing "night district chief" and "night life chief executive officer", with district heads in charge and people with relevant industry management experience as the posts respectively to co-ordinate and manage the development of night economy. At the same time, all localities also require scientific planning of urban functional areas, creating nightlife gathering areas, forming landmark brand areas, and trying not to disturb the people.

  With the continuous attempts to create a new format of multi-form night consumption in various places, the night in the city is no longer a quiet "sleeping city", and the colorful night makes the city glow with new vitality.

   (Reporter Lu Yuanzhen)

The hottest travel "summer file" in the past five years? How to solve the difficulty of booking tickets →

The scorching heat can’t stop people from traveling. A number of online travel platforms predict that this year is expected to usher in the hottest travel "summer file" in the past five years. Among many destinations, Beijing has always been very hot, especially this summer. According to the platform data, the booking volume of air tickets arriving in Beijing in summer increased by 30% compared with the same period of 2019, and the hotel booking volume increased by 6 times; It is also reported that the daily average number of tourist groups in Beijing has reached 1,200.

On July 8, tourists visited the Forbidden City. Photo by Chen Yuhua (Xinhua News Agency)

The return of market enthusiasm has brought about the growth of tourism consumption, but also a new problem: there is no shortage of tourists and tickets. Recently, many people are surprised to find that it is not easy to think of traveling in Beijing, and tickets for traditional popular scenic spots have to be grabbed. "The air tickets and hotels are all settled, but the itinerary is uncertain, and the tickets for the Forbidden City are grabbed, and the tickets for Guobo are gone", which has become an "annoyance" for many tourists. The travel agency is very helpless, and it is hard to look forward to the tourist season. There is no shortage of tourists but tickets. It is understood that some scenic spots need to be robbed one week in advance, and some need to be robbed five days in advance. The ticket release time is at 5 pm, 8 pm and 12 pm respectively. At present, the difficulty in booking tickets for popular scenic spots in Beijing has become a hot topic on many social networks.

Make an appointment first, then travel, and the ticket reservation system has been rapidly promoted in scenic spots across the country. As a means of normalization, the implementation of the appointment system has many benefits. From the management point of view, it can avoid the potential safety hazard caused by the over-concentration of passenger flow in scenic spots to a certain extent, reduce the risk that some cultural relics protection units will damage historical sites due to too many visitors, and also effectively prevent scalpers from scalping tickets. From the service point of view, the reservation system can allow tourists to plan their trips in advance, travel at the wrong peak, reduce waiting time and improve the tour experience.

There are two main reasons why the booking of tickets for popular scenic spots in Beijing this summer caused a lot of spit: First, the demand of tourists for high-quality tourism resources does not match the ticket source, and the number of tourists in the summer peak season has exploded, but the number of tickets available for booking in scenic spots is limited, which makes it difficult to grab tickets particularly prominent; Second, the booking channels and ticket release times of major scenic spots are different, and some even in the middle of the night.

Tourists are not satisfied, indicating that there is still much room for optimization in tourism management and service. As far as things are concerned, the demand for concentrated travel of tourists in summer cannot be changed. Can relevant departments and scenic spots reassess the market changes and increase the supply of tickets in peak season as much as possible within the actual carrying capacity of scenic spots? The peak season has just arrived, and it is not too late to make some necessary adjustments. Recently, Beijing Park Management Center has indicated that the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and other municipal parks will dynamically adjust the amount of tickets released, and timely return the refunded and cancelled tickets to the ticket pool. Some scenic spots with conditions can extend their opening hours in the peak season, meet the needs of some tourists through colorful cultural activities, and at the same time light up the night economy to increase the income of scenic spots. Various solutions can also be explored for booking channels and ticket release time. The implementation of the reservation system should be based on the principle of convenience. Can we lengthen the booking period of tickets in peak season, concentrate the ticket release time in the daytime, and better meet the different needs of group tourists and individual travelers? Although it is difficult to solve these problems, there are certainly more ways than difficulties.

On July 6th, tourists played in Suzhou Pingjiang Historic District. Li Boshe (Xinhua News Agency)

In the peak season of travel, not only Beijing, but also popular scenic spots in many destinations will be short of tickets to varying degrees. How to better undertake the tourism fever is a problem that needs long-term consideration. After all, the number of landmark scenic spots is limited, and even if more tickets are released, it can’t carry all the sightseeing needs. In fact, in addition to traditional popular routes, all localities should dig deep into other tourism resources. For example, in Beijing, there are not only the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Summer Palace, but also many hutongs. There are a large number of celebrities’ former residences, historical sites, cultural halls and gourmet cafes, which are valuable tourism resources. Strolling through hutongs, inadvertently discovering history and encountering literature and art is also a surprise trip. Studying the needs of different tourists, according to the characteristics of their own resources, launching more abundant route choices is an important topic to drain and divert tourists in peak season and explore ways to better promote the high-quality development of tourism.

(Author Zhang Xue), the original title "How to solve the problem of" no shortage of tourists lacking tickets "

Source: Economic Daily